Vintage E.T. Poster Discourages Drinking And Driving

By David Wharton | Updated

We all know the story of E.T. He got separated from his spaceship, befriended a precocious kid named Elliot, got chased by the government, got sick, phoned home, and flew back to the stars while everybody in the theater simultaneously pretended to have something in their eye. It’s a classic tale, much beloved, but surely there must have been some deleted scenes that didn’t make the cut.

We must have missed little snippets of the tale that director Steven Spielberg decided weren’t important enough to include. Like for instance, the time E.T. spent as a bartender.

Okay, that’s actually just a bit of vintage E.T. marketing. If you recall, the movie had quite a bit of cross-promotion with products such as Reese’s Pieces. Less known was this apparent stint working for Coors. He’s telling people not to drink and drive, so at least he’s peddling a good agenda.

Sadly, this strange bit of pop culture flotsam doesn’t include any details as to how many shitfaced people held entire conversations with “that weird-looking bartender in the corner,” only to wake up with some very confusing memories the next day.