The Yeti Set To Return To Doctor Who

By Steve West | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

I can get behind classic Doctor Who monsters to a degree. The truth is that the Daleks are simply annoying, and that’s part of their charm. But ever since Steven Moffat took over the show it’s been all about newer monsters and creatures. The 11th Doctor is all about new challenges like The Silence and Weeping Angels, both far better creations than most of the old Who monster lineup.

Now we’re hearing that the rumored classic Doctor Who monster returning for series 7 is the Yeti. What is the Yeti? It’s Cousin It as a robot. I’m sure Moffat and those who write the episode that reintroduces the character will do something special, but I have to wonder why the need to pander. A Yeti in the background will be a much preferred way to nod to the classic Who series.

It’s hard to watch much of the early Doctor Who without the nostalgia that helps you to overlook how horribly cheesy and bad most of it was. Some of the most awkward parts of the modern series involve classic creatures. When Doctor Who steps away from the old series, while still staying true to the character and heart of the show, you see the story soar like in “Blink” or “The Girl in the Fireplace.” The lore of the show is set by the past, but these are new stories. I hope that the Yeti’s appearance is a simple appeasement to longtime fans and either reinvents the character, or uses it fleetingly.