These Are The Star Wars Sports Logos You’re Looking For

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

“Do you feel that crisp mid-October, Friday-night air? Breathe it in, guys. They’re going to be putting the lights on soon. Then you boys are going to take the field, and I swear to whatever is up there in the ether that when you play as a team, the electricity you guys produce would short circuit every damned light in this place. Tonight, you will leave your opponents in darkness. You will knock them so far into the future, this time we are currently in will be a ‘long time ago.'” — excerpt from Coach Taylor’s speech in this week’s episode of Friday Night Lightsabers.

The Super Bowl is just a few days away, and some other sports are also taking place, so what better time than now to bring you Star Wars-themed sports logos? Designed by artist David Creighton-Pester, these are about as perfect a marriage between the two concepts as I can imagine. And he gets extra cool points for changing up the predictability of the characters used. No Wookiees? No problems. I’d really like to see a Blitz-type humorous Flash game developed with these teams involved, though I don’t know how you’d fit a helmet over a Wampa’s head.




I have no shame in professing my loyalty to the Darkside Emperors, so if anyone wants to make any fictional bets, I’ve got $10 billion on them to win it all.




Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve also got a $2 billion side bet on the Sandcrawlers that I can theoretically get you in on. I know a guy with Anonymous who hacked into the Droids and will make them kick field goals wide right every single time.



These prints are available for purchase here. There are far worse ways to spend 15 bucks. Like betting on the Force.