A Star Wars Mashup For Every Week Of The Year

By David Wharton | Published

With the announcement of Star Wars returning to the big screen in a big way, we’ve seen a ton of fan art imagining what Episode VII’s poster might look like, or mashing up Star Wars and Disney characters to parody Lucasfilm’s new bosses in the Mouse House. But not every Star Wars-obsessed artist jumped on the bandwagon with the Disney buyout news. Photographer David Eger has had Star Wars on the brain for quite a while now, and two of his recent projects have focused on that galaxy far, far away.

Beginning in January 2012, Eger launched his “52 Weeks of Star Wars” project. Each week, he served up a new Star Wars-themed image, ranging from movie poster parodies to recreations of famous historical moments. The entire collection is a lot of fun, and you should definitely hit up the website to see the full collection. We’ve scanned through and selected a few of our favorites in the gallery at the bottom (I particularly love the Usual Suspects one).


Eger was profiled last month by Wired, and he revealed that his project for 2013 is “12 Months of Hope, Empire, and Jedi.” He’ll retell the original Star Wars trilogy using his posed-action-figure style, with four images to each movie. That could be fun in and of itself, but he’s also trying to make each image an homage to a famous work of art.

If you like Eger’s work, also be sure to check his “365 Days of Clones” project, which we posted about last July.

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