Star Wars: A New Hope Speedrun Only Needs A Minute Of Your Time

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

If there is anything to be learned from the seminal classic Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, it is that whatever killed off Jar Jar Binks and all of his relatives was the greatest achievement the universe has ever contained. Even though that point of view isn’t prevalent in the above video, I think it’s spiritually there. Because nobody likes a Binks.

Anyway, I couldn’t be more happy that 1A4Studio is back at it, whittling science fiction classics down to their essences…and also their fight scenes. Their Speedrun series tells an entire film’s story in just under a minute, and they’ve already covered The Matrix and Back to the Future, going backwards as far as quality and fandom are concerned, ending with the biggest film of them all as their third entry. Where else could they possibly go? Empire? Jedi? Chances are, they’ll be able to do one of these every couple of years to match the Disney Episodes.

But let’s talk about this little animation. It’s essentially the same as the others, lining up settings next to one another, making for a smooth and constant run-through of the film’s major events, including most of the character intros and the climactic battles and sequences. Obi Wan’s death does lose a bit of its impact, admittedly. And Darth Vader is nowhere near the nightmarish presence he was in the full film. But those are my only complaints.

Let’s get an Aliens one going now.

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