Star Wars: Episode VII’s “I Am Your Father” Sized Spoiler Revealed

Don't read this. Seriously, don't.

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

We may be 14 months away from actually seeing Star Wars: Episode VII, but it’s never far from the front of our minds. Rumors, reports, and news have been flying fast and furious, but we haven’t encountered any that compare to this latest one. And for the love of god, be aware there are MAJOR SPOILERS beyond this point. We’re talking, holy shit, Luke-I’m-your-father level spoilers. If correct, this is a total game changer. You’ve been warned. Now prepare to get your mind blown.


The folks over at Making Star Wars have been a wealth of Episode VII news, and that’s where this report originates. They admit that there are some gaps and missing pieces, and that they’ve seen things that give this news a bit more context, so keep that in mind when you read on. That’s enough preamble, lets just dive right in.

Star Wars Episode VIIYou probably remember that cyborg looking villain we saw depicted in a piece of concept art a while back, and this all revolves around him. He’s got a black cloak, is part man and part machine, and looks to be holding Darth Vader’s broken helmet in his hands. According to this report, other images give a clearer view. He reportedly has a familiar human mouth, and they go on to describe more pieces that show this twisted, deformed, though still strangely familiar figure. You see this character holding Darth Vader’s burned, warped helmet, obviously showing a great deal of reverence for him. His right hand is mechanical, similar to both Anakin and Luke’s.

Over the next few images described, various reports and rumors we’ve heard start to come together. One shows Daisy Ridley’s character, who we’ve learned to call Kira at this point, on an ice planet, one that is not Hoth. She’s holding the blue lightsaber that reportedly kicks off the action of the film, trying to run from this mysterious figure who is holding her in place in a very Darth-Vader-using-the-Force way, while one of her companions, possibly John Boyega’s character, sneaks up on the villain. The mouthpiece the stranger wears is described as looking like Vader’s.

Next image shows the cloaked figure sitting on a throne as Kira approaches. MSW’s sources say that she thinks she is there to meet Luke Skywalker, only to find this monstrous form, and they believe these interiors are of the Skellig Michael set, coinciding with the castle on the Irish island. Another image shows Kira, in this same location, a resigned, defeated look on her face, embracing this mystery figure as her companion looks on.

Daisy RidleyAnd here’s the big reveal, which you may have already deduced by this point: this cloak wearing, more-man-than-machine figure is none other than Luke Skywalker. Kira has been looking for him all along, but isn’t at all what she expected to find. As the report says, “The evil she sought to vanquish with the help of Luke Skywalker, is Luke Skywalker.” That’s enough to crush anyone’s spirit and make you give up.

We’ve heard that Luke is missing, that the search for him forms the core of the action of Episode VII, and even that, once found, he’s not going to be what is expected, but wow. If this is true, and again, it’s just hearsay at this point, that’s a huge development, one that totally changes everything. Whether or not Abrams and company can pull it off remains to be seen, but damn, like it or not, you have to give them credit for going big, moving in an unexpected direction, and taking a major, major chance. Messing with one of the most beloved characters in cinema history is a risky proposition, and one that could easily backfire in so many ways. If you thought the backlash over the prequels was bad, what if they screw this up?

This article wraps up talking about an image of the Millennium Falcon and supposes that the film ends with Kira joining whatever Luke’s evil quest is, while another character, again, possibly Boyega, flies away. That’s grim, like the end of Empire grim, and is a bold choice to make for the first movie in the new trilogy. Obviously we won’t know for sure until Star Wars: Episode VII opens everywhere on December 18, 2015, but that definitely provides something to think about. This movie could indelibly alter the landscape of the entire franchise in one fell swoop.

What do you think of this idea? Do you hope it pans out? Do you absolutely not want it to go this way? Are they messing with the fabric of Star Wars too drastically? Let us know in the comments below.