Star Wars: Episode VII Officially Resumes Production In London

By Brent McKnight | Published

han solo star warsThis isn’t the biggest piece of news, as we all expected it was going to happen, but, as they announced that they would earlier this month, Star Wars: Episode VII has officially resumed filming. Again, this isn’t a particularly stunning reveal, since, especially after the delay, they’re on an even more limited time table if they’re going to make the scheduled December 18, 2015 release, but for those of us who are excited about this movie (though we are, admittedly, wary as well), this isn’t the worst news we’ve ever heard.

EW reports that the cameras have actually started rolling once again at the legendary Pinewood Studios in London. Production was forced to take a hiatus after star Harrison Ford, who you might remember played a little guy named Han Solo, broke his leg in an on-set accident and required surgery. After getting creative, shifting things around, and even spending a few days shooting on the picturesque island of Skellig Michael off the coast of Ireland, there was nothing else that they could do for the time being, and called a break.

If you’re into speculation and reading into things, what this hiatus indicates to me is that Han, and consequently Ford, plays an integral role in Episode VII. We’ve heard rumors that this is the case, one even calls him a “co-lead,” but there has been no official confirmation either way. But if when they reach a point where they can’t do anything more, that seems to indicate that he’s pretty damn important to the movie, or at least that he’s in a lot of scenes and can’t easily be removed. And the prospect of more Han Solo is one that always brings a smile to our faces.

But now is the time for everyone, returning stars and new faces alike, to buckle down and get to work. We have a specific day already circled on our calendars, and we expect to see some sweet Jedi action two Decembers from now. And we want to know if any of the rumors we’ve been hearing about the plot are actually real, and we all know that unless J.J. Abrams accidentally emails a copy of the script to every movie blogger in Hollywood, we’re not going to know anything for certain until we actually see the movie.

And everyone should be all relaxed and recovered and ready to go. We’ve seen Ford wandering around without crutches, without even a cast actually. We’ve also seen numerous members of the Episode VII family (Ford included) partaking in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge recently, so if they have any lingering injuries, at least they’re getting iced.

This is the way.

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