Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer Could Drop Sooner Than You Think, Get The Details Here

By Brent McKnight | Published

Star WarsWe won’t actually see Star Wars: Episode VII until December 18, 2015—we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves by gorging on Star Wars Rebels in the interim—but we might get our first look at the film by the end of the year. That is, aside from leaked concept art and set photos taken by aerial drones (we really do live in a world where movie sets are under siege by spy drones). Reports say that the first trailer for Episode VII may appear before the year is out and that it will feature new original music by none other than John Williams.

This news comes from John Williams Fan Network, which says that not only does the legendary Star Wars composer actually have the teaser trailer in his possession—probably with a heavily armed, Disney-funded private security force surrounding him at all times, even when he’s in the can—but he’s going to record the new music for it very soon. That’s good news, because as we all know, the best part of the prequels was Williams’ score.

The report says:

A reliable source just said JW received a trailer from JJ Abrams on Monday, Oct 20. JW has already written new Star Wars music to accompany this trailer. This new trailer music will feature new music and will be recorded on November 15 in LA with full orchestra. Still determining if the score will be recorded in London due to advanced age of composer/conductor. 14 hour flight to LA not too kind on 82 year old. This is all a secret and this message will be deleted shortly.

Like everything Star Wars related, this report should be taken with a grain of salt. While not unheard of for a first glimpse to appear a year in advance of a movie, especially one that is going to be this massive, it’s not exactly standard operating procedure. Still, there are some big movies opening in December that they could attach this to, like The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies or Disney’s own Into the Woods. And this is Star Wars we’re talking about, the hype for that is not going anywhere, so Disney can stir the pot all they want, and it’s never too early to start.

If a trailer does wind up appearing before the end of 2014, odds are it won’t show much, if anything. We’ll probably be talking about teaser in the strictest sense of the word. You can just imagine a single shot of a figure standing in the distance, slightly out of focus, with some Darth Vader breathing or something like that as an epic John Williams joint plays. Then a lightsaber extends and it cuts to black. Or something like that. In my mind we’re going to see something that tells us absolutely nothing, but that we all get psyched about regardless.

And just in case you forgot how important Williams’ work is to Star Wars, just watch this scene where the music has been removed. It’s awkward.

This is the way.

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