Star Wars: The Clone Wars Gets A Comic Book Conclusion

By Rudie Obias | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Mual vs KenboiWhen Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in October 2012, the company had some big changes in mind for Star Wars and the other subsidiaries. First they canceled all existing Star Wars properties, like the video game Star Wars: 1313 and the animated series The Clone Wars. Although the TV series was on the air for five seasons, Disney wanted to start anew with the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels. Many fans were upset that The Clone Wars got the axe in the middle of a story arc, but it looks like they’re going to get the conclusion they so desperately want, though in a significantly different form.

According to io9, Dark Horse Comics plans to end their long partnership with Lucasfilm with a bang. The comic book publisher will wrap up The Clone Wars in a four-part mini series to be released throughout 2014. It’s called Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, and will follow the newly resurrected Sith lord as he tries to re-team with Darth Sidious, who has yet to pick a new apprentice.

Keep in mind, The Clone Wars takes place between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith in the larger Star Wars timeline. “All you need to know is that Darth Maul has returned, that he’s really pissed off, and that his former master Darth Sidious is determined to put him back in the ground, permanently,” writer Jeremy Barlow told Newsarama.

Earlier this week it was announced that Marvel will release and publish new Star Wars comic books from Lucasfilm starting in 2015. This ends a 23-year partnership between George Lucas’ former company and Dark Horse.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended with episode 20 of season five, “The Wrong Jedi,” which aired back in March of this year. The season did not conclude properly with a season or series finale, so it’s good that fans of The Clone Wars will get to see how the story ends. The animated series was never really about finding a happy ending for our heroes, but rather simply expanding the Star Wars universe.

Back in October, The Clone Wars producer Dave Filoni announced that production on the last few episodes of the animated series was complete, and that they would begin to air sometime in early 2014. He also teased that one of the final episodes would feature one of Master Yoda’s most challenging missions. It’s unclear how the final Clone Wars episodes would tie-in with the Dark Horse mini-series, but it seems that everything should be wrapped up before Rebels airs on the Disney Channel and Disney XD beginning in October. Filoni didn’t mention when the series would return, or on what network, but it wouldn’t surprise us if the final episodes are released on Blu-ray in stead of airing on TV.