Sony Snags Rights To Joe Haldeman SF Novella, Seasons

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

So here’s a rare type of story that we love reporting. A movie studio has picked up the rights to an existing science fiction property that is neither a hot young-adult publication nor written by the late Philip K. Dick. We kid, of course, but it does often seem that Hollywood’s taste for science fiction is depressingly narrow, which is a shame given how much unfilmed science fiction classics are out there on shelves, just waiting for a studio exec with a little gumption. So it’s quite refreshing to learn that Sony is making a movie based on Seasons, a science fiction novella written by Joe Haldeman (probably best known for his novel, The Forever War).

Deadline reports that Tim Miller will direct the film, and Sebastian Gutierrez has been hired to adapt the novella into a screenplay. Those two aren’t exactly household names, so let’s peer into their IMDb listings to see what we’re dealing with here. Miller only has short films as produced credits so far, but he was the creative director behind the unforgettable opening credits sequence on David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He’s obviously impressed some folks in Hollywood because he’s currently attached to direct several projects, including Marvel’s long-gestating Deadpool adaptation and a movie version of Warren Ellis’ Gravel.

As for screenwriter Gutierrez, his resume is more…troubling. As in “he wrote Gothika and Snakes on a Plane.” But hey, everybody deserves a second chance. Third. A third chance.

Haldeman’s Seasons first appeared in his 1985 collection called Dealing in Futures. Seasons tells the story of “an anthropological expedition to a planet with sentient humanoids that goes horribly awry.” Yeah, that’s pretty damn vague, but if curiosity is eating at you, you can always try to find a used copy.