Robert Downey Jr. Producing Sci-Fi Film Based On British Anthology Episode

By Rudie Obias | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


It’s not often a movie is made based on a single episode of a TV series, but it happens from time to time. Now is one of those times, becauseĀ Robert Downey Jr. hasĀ bought the movie rights to “The Entire History of You,” an episode from the British TV series Black Mirror.

According to THR, “The Entire History of You” involves a man with an implant in this mind that can record and re-play his life’s events. He suspects his wife is cheating on him, and his obsessive attempts to prove it soon destroy his relationships.

The movie itself will be a slight variation of the premise of “The Entire History of You.” It will involve similar technology, but instead of the man trying to find evidence of his wife’s infidelity, he will try to re-construct his past relationship with his dead wife, from her point of view. While trying to bring back his wife’s memories, he soon discovers a vast conspiracy.

It’s unclear if Robert Downey Jr. would play the lead in this movie, but for the time being, he is listed as the film’s producer. Apparently the movie rights to this episode of Black Mirror were quite a hot property in Hollywood. George Clooney was also in talks to buy the movie rights, Downey Jr. snagged them at the last minute. Jesse Armstrong, who wrote the original Black Mirror episode, will also take the first stab at adapting it into a feature screenplay.

The TV series Black Mirror is a very popular sci-fi TV series in the U.K. It is described as “a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected which taps into our contemporary unease about our modern world.” It is also a satire of technology and high society in England. You can check out the promo teaser for “The Entire History of You,” from England’s Channel 4, below.