Planet Express Crew Gets Kooky, Not Altogether Ooky, As The Addams Family

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

With Halloween right around the corner, frightful flicks are hitting the theaters, classic horrors are hitting the airwaves, and horrifying images are swamping the Internet left and right. Perhaps the most horrifying picture of all comes courtesy of Clay Yount, whose mash-up drawing forces onlookers to consider the plight of having Zoidberg as your uncle. “Woopwoopwoopwoop.”

Yount’s Tumblr site is full of well-crafted sketches, many of them inspired by different areas of cinematic and television pop culture. (This recent post is another instant favorite of mine.) But none of the others are as clever and perfectly conceived as this picture here.

Fry’s rose-chewing Gomez Addams stands behind the chair instead of alongside Lela’s darkly clad Morticia, a nice touch even though they’ve actually become a couple in the last year or two. I can’t imagine Fry knows enough French to woo her anyway. Zoidberg really doesn’t bare much resemblance to Fester, other than the obligatory light bulb. As the children Wednesday and Pugsley, Amy and Hermes don’t really share the characters’ traits, though I can easily believe that Amy wants to blow everyone up with dynamite, except for the absent Kif perhaps. The brain slug attached to Hermes’ head is a nice touch.

Nibbler as Cousin Itt seems to make sense; one is a hairy beast who can’t speak English, the other is a hairless alien who speaks English secretly. (Like peas in a pod!) I love the Hypnotoad mounted on the wall back there. I feel the need to keep saying that for some reason. Bzzzzzzzz! Bender is the only applicable choice for Lurch, as his robotic legs allow him to be tall enough, and his lack of a moral center allows him to steal at will, thus proving that “The butler did it.” That he’s trying to steal a picture of Sir Scruffy does not speak well on his idea of treasures. Finally, the one part of this picture I had a problem with. Why do we not get to see the Professor in all of his grandmother-in-drag glory? Just seeing that face peeking out from behind the chair is too much of a tease.

Keep an eye out for Yount’s future work, as I’m sure his talent is only expanding from here.