Futurama And The Mass Effect Trilogy Are On Sale Cheap Today

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Futurama concluded its long, brilliant, but troubled run last September, after multiple deaths, multiple networks, and multiple resurrections. While it was sad to see the show take its final bow, it is cool to now have the entire run available in convenient, binge-friendly form. If you’ve always been meaning to add Futurama to your home-video collection, today is the day! Amazon has the complete series DVD box set on sale for only $85.49, marked down 57% off its normal $199.98 list price.


Now, we do feel compelled to point out that you can already watch the entire series whenever you want if you’re a Netflix Instant customer. But that only gets you the episodes themselves, and the Futurama sets are typically pretty packed with excellent bonus features, including tons of commentaries with the cast and crew. The DVD set is a great deal if you’re the sort who wants to really dive into the making of the show. Me, I haven’t got time to watch the currently airing shows I like, much less the special features for old ones. You’ll have to make the call for yourselves.

Also on sale today is BioWare’s excellent Mass Effect trilogy. Inspired by classic ’70s and ’80s science fiction flicks, Mass Effect casts players as Commander Shepard, one of Earth’s biggest badasses in a universe where humanity is still a relatively small fish in a huge galactic pond. Nevertheless, Shepard is tasked with nothing less than saving the entire galaxy from an ancient menace that is about to return. Over the course of three games Shepard — male or female, his/her personality dictated by the player’s choices — faces off against murderous synthetics, radical Earth-first xenophobes, distrustful aliens, and a cosmic menace even more threatening than the rest put together: interstellar bureaucracy. (Don’t worry, that last one isn’t a major gameplay element.)

The trilogy’s conclusion was plenty divisive among Mass Effect fans, but the series is still absolutely worth playing, and it’s hands-down my favorite game series of all time. BioWare is already at work on a fourth game, which will stand apart from the trilogy and hopefully launch another trilogy or series. The Mass Effect universe itself is as rich and compelling as anything Star Trek or Star Wars has given us over the years, so if you’re a GFR fan who’s at all interested in gaming, this one should be a no-brainer purchase. You can grab the Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3 or Xbox 360, both for $31.99 — 20% off the list price.