Michael Bay Hires Machete Kills Scribe To Adapt Futuristic Vehicle Concept Art Book

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

cosmic motorsMichael Bay never, ever ceases to amaze me, in the way that natural disasters killing thousands of people never cease to amaze me. One of the next projects he will produce is Warner Bros.’ Cosmic Motors, a narrative film based on Daniel Simon’s concept art book of the same name. To take on this strange adaptation, Warner has brought in screenwriter Kyle Ward, best known for penning last year’s box office flop Machete Kills for Robert Rodriguez. Now if they could just hire a team of monkeys to direct, this project could really kick into gear.

While Machete Kills was something of an outlier, Ward has had some practice turning non-cinematic properties into movie scripts. He co-wrote the script to the now-filming thriller Agent 47, which is based on the bestselling Hitman video game series. (This is Hollywood’s second attempt to turn this game into a franchise.) Ward is also one of the writers behind the video game adaptation of Kane & Lynch, although that project has yet to make it past the script stage at this point. Outside of game flicks, Ward also penned the original script Arabian Knights and one version of the upcoming Underworld reboot. He’s a guy with a lot on his plate already, and now he’s headed into the world of futuristic vehicles.

Cosmic Motors, published in 2007, is an in-depth collection of “nine different spaceships, pods, race cars, giant trains, warships and balloons from various planets of the Galaxion system,” which are detailed from initial concepts to fully fleshed-out completed looks. It’s kind of a hard thing to wrap the brain around without any visual help, so here are a couple of pages from the book, as taken from its website. And we promise that none of them end up becoming Transformers, at least not in Simon’s book.

cosmic motorsAnd here’s something more meant for sky travel.

cosmic motorsNow for a masterfully colored shot that makes me want to be rich enough to afford it, even though it’s not real. Also, I would want the not-on-fire version.

cosmic motorsSimon, whose career revolves around creating ideas and images for futuristic vehicles, should be familiar to science fiction fans, as he designed some of the vehicles used in Tron: Legacy and Oblivion. Those vehicles are arguably the best things about either movie.

Regardless of their quality, Bay-produced movies like The Purge: Anarchy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles almost always bring audiences to theaters in droves. So get ready for one hell of a marketing campaign when Cosmic Motors is a finished film.