The Matrix And Star Wars, As Retold By This Guy’s Mom

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

When it comes to science fiction fans, we tend to be a little obsessive about our favorite things. We know every episode of Star Trek by name, we can quote Star Wars from front to back. Hell, we may even have memorized all the nicknames John Crichton called other characters in Farscape. So sometimes to make our beloved movies and shows and books and whatnot seem fresh again, all we need is a new set of eyes. Sometimes, however, that doesn’t always work out the way you’d expect. Cast in point, the video above, wherein some dude’s mother attempts to retell the events of the first Matrix movie, wherein Neo becomes Leo, who may or may not be bisexual, and there’s somebody named Moshimo. Or possibly Mustache.

If you enjoy the first video, you should also check out their Star Wars version. YouTuber Pixelpersecond’s friend Amanda had never seen a Star Wars movie all the way through, but she claimed she still knew what happened in them. Here’s her version: