Firefly, Guardians Of The Galaxy, And Star Wars Get A Weapon-Friendly Lego Mash-Up

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Comic books are usually the places where mega-franchise crossovers happen, but every once in a while, the Lego world is a hot spot for hero worship. In the video above, three of cinema’s coolest space-faring adventurers have gathered together to talk about the proper way to handle enemy gunfire. (Or blaster-fire or whatever.) Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Star-Lord, Firefly‘s Captain Mal, and Star Wars‘ Han Solo are kicking back for some drinking and storytelling, with the conversation focused on one of the time-honored questions that good heroes always ask themselves: Is it better to shoot first or not?

Cleverly starting off with the first scene of the Guardians trailer, in which Star-Lord does indeed shoot first at his would-be captor Korath, “Lego Always Shoot First” soon takes us to the bar, where Solo is incredulous that a good guy would possibly shoot first. (After all, his infamous sit-down with Greedo was a lesson in self-defense, at least until George Lucas ruined it.) Star-Lord’s claims are backed up by Mal, who ups it by saying he even has people cheering for him when he draws the initial battlelines. (Read as: he shoots first.)

I think it’s somewhat blasphemous that Han Solo defers his more virtuous point-of-view to Star-Lord’s aggressive approach, as he’s both older and more experienced in his position. But I’ll admit that Star-Lord calling back to the dueling days of yore was a good excuse to hop on the impulsive side of firearm handling. Plus, it’s good timing for that story, considering Greedo comes up right after. It’s a dirty no-good trick, mind you, making Solo shoot first here, but I’ll buy into it for the sake of Lego.

The video comes to us from the talented crew at Brotherhood Workshop, who don’t “necessarily advocate the pragmatic disposal of one’s enemies.” They have been delivering quality stop-motion Lego videos for a while now. They’ve dealt with Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Guardians of the Galaxy in the past, but this is their first super-duper mash-up. Check out one of their other Han Solo videos below.

And because Lego isn’t the only building material one can use to craft sci-fi loveliness, check out what craftmaster Jacob LaRocca built with 27 rolls of duct tape. It’s the Serenity!


You can head to LaRocca’s Imgur page in order to see just how this bad boy was assembled. Plus, stay tuned for his next project, which is supposed to be a duct tape version of Futurama‘s Planet Express ship.