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The Firefly Board Game All Fans Should Find And Play

Firefly fans might have been (very) disappointed when the Joss Whedon series originally went off the air. It was a …

1 day ago

strange world firefly

The Firefly Role-Playing Game Every Fan Should Play

With only 14 episodes and one movie available, Firefly fans have always been eager to find other ways to get …

1 week ago

henry cavill

DC Ruined Henry Cavill’s Hollywood Career

After all the mistakes and misfortunes that befell the DCEU, it’s hard to argue anyone involved with the movies came …

1 month ago

Buffy reboot

The Buffy Reboot Vampire Problem That Could Break Returning To The Franchise

A revamped Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot is in development. While there are certainly many fans eager for a new …

2 months ago

Alfred Hitchcock Classic Getting Remade Because That Worked So Well For Psycho

What if one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous films could have been a bit more like Scream? It may sound …

3 months ago

cabin in the woods

The Genius Sci-Fi Horror Movie From A Marvel Director, That Too Many Have Forgotten

So good the film world is improved by its existence.

3 months ago

Disney+ Bloody Sci-Fi Thriller Turns Iconic Hero Into Monster

Sci-fi fans rejoice as a classic entry into the Aliens franchise is now available for streaming on Disney+ and Hulu. …

3 months ago

The Forgotten Sci-Fi Series Canceled Too Soon In 2010, Can Now Be Streamed

Firefly wasn’t Joss Whedon’s only canceled too soon sci-fi series.

4 months ago

The ’90s Dark Comedy That Also Kills Monsters

The 1992 comedy horror comedy Buffy the Vampire Slayer is available to stream on Max. The movie is directed by Fran Rubel …

4 months ago

buffy reboot

How Stephen King Inspired One Buffy Supervillain

Any Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan will tell you that the iconic series often drew inspiration from unlikely sources. The show beloved …

4 months ago


The Best Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episodes

The best Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes come from all different seasons of the series.

7 months ago

Keanu Reeves Made A Simple Suggestion And Saved One Of His Best Films

One of Keanu Reeves’s best movies is Speed, a 1994 classic film about a bus that cannot go less than …

9 months ago

keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves Saved His Best Movie With One Hilariously Simple Suggestion

Keanu Reeves’ filmography boasts an array of iconic movies, but Speed undeniably stands out as one of his best and …

9 months ago

joss whedon

Every Actor And Actress Who’s Accused Joss Whedon Of Being A Creep

At one point in Joss Whedon’s career, he was well known for his smart story sense, ability to pen clever …

10 months ago

seth green sarah michelle gellar

Seth Green Reveals The Real Hero Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Seth Green says Sarah Michelle Gellar was a hero in front of and behind the camera on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, always advocating for her castmates and crew.

1 year ago

sarah michelle gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar Says She’ll Never Expose Joss Whedon, Here’s Why

Sarah Michelle Gellar has said that she will never fully talk about Joss Whedon’s behavior on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1 year ago

sarah michelle gellar

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Is Actually An X-Men Character?

Joss Whedon based Buffy Summers off of Kitty Pryde, the fan-favorite X-Men character, referring to the mutant as a prototype of Buffy.

1 year ago

sarah michelle gellar buffy the vampire slayer reboot

Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Announced If She Will Ever Return As Buffy

Sarah Michelle Gellar says she has no interest in playing Buffy Summers again, saying it is a role for people younger than her.

1 year ago

sarah michelle gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Buffy The Vampire Slayer Was Extremely Toxic

Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed that women could not be friends on the toxic set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

1 year ago

Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon’s Final Series Put Out Of Its Misery

Writer/director Joss Whedon has enjoyed a successful career behind the camera, even though his controversial tactics on the set of …

1 year ago

joss whedon

Joss Whedon Is Good At Making Movies ‘For Morons’ Says Former Collaborator

Joss Whedon is getting slammed by fellow director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, saying the Avengers director makes movies for “morons.”

2 years ago

buffy halloween

Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Halloween Episodes Were The Best, Except For One

Buffy the Vampire Slayer had two great Halloween episodes, and one truly “meh” one.

2 years ago

nathan fillion

Nathan Fillion Stands By Joss Whedon And Goes One Step Further

Nathan Fillion worked with Joss Whedon on Firefly, Serenity, and more, and now he has doubled down on his support of the disgraced filmmaker.

2 years ago

amber benson
sarah michelle gellar

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Universe Has A New Name

Buffy is shedding an old name.

2 years ago

ray fisher

Ray Fisher Responds To Joss Whedon’s Recent Interview With An Intense Rebuttal

Ray Fisher has responded the recent interview Joss Whedon gave about the pair’s ongoing feud during Justice League filming.

2 years ago

shazam wonder woman

Gal Gadot Called Out By Joss Whedon In Harsh Response To Her Controversial Claims

Joss Whedon has some harsh words for Gal Gadot!

2 years ago

joss whedon

Cancelled Director Joss Whedon Fires Back At Justice League Cast

Joss Whedon got into a bit of trouble in Hollywood when actors in the Justice League movie made accusations against him.

2 years ago

ben affleck

Ben Affleck Says Working On Joss Whedon’s Justice League Was Awful

Ben Affleck had some pointed words about what it was like working on Justice League with Joss Whedon. It’s not a total surprise.

2 years ago

scarlett johansson joss whedon

Scarlett Johansson Replaced Joss Whedon’s Shocking First Choice For Avengers

It has been recently revealed that neither Scarlett Johansson nor the Black Widow were Joss Whedon’s first choice for 2012’s The Avengers.

3 years ago