Day Of The Doctor Trailer Teases Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special In Epic Fashion

What has the Doctor been running from all his lives?

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Fans have been waiting five decades for this day, and the 50th anniversary of the BBC’s long-running sci-fi adventure, Doctor Who, is finally almost upon us. So far there have been eleven incarnations of the Time Lord—with Peter Capaldi’s twelfth on the way down the line, but he won’t be unveiled until the Christmas special—and all of them, plus many more of your favorites odds and ends, make an appearance in this epic new trailer for the special, “The Day of the Doctor.”

This video may only be a minute long, but they sure do cram a bunch of stuff into that, like I said, all eleven Doctors show up. I’m honestly still a unclear how John Hurt fits into the overall picture. There’s speculation that he’s a “secret Doctor,” who kind of bridges the gap between Paul McCann and Christopher Eccelston. Whatever happens, it’ll be fun to see Hurt thrown into the mix. That’s obviously going to be the main draw for Whovians everywhere, but they throw in some nice little nods to other fan-favorite bits. It wouldn’t be complete without at least a cameo from a Dalek. Those little buggers sure do like to exterminate things, don’t they. Some other villains pop up, as well as a companion or two, and everyone’s favorite gadget, the sonic screwdriver.

Over all of this, Matt Smith, the eleventh and current Doctor, gives an intense sounding monologue. While his words don’t actually reveal anything, plot wise, his speech does create the feeling that big things are going to happen on this special. Like I said, this sure is an epic 61 seconds.

This is reportedly a trailer that the BBC showed to a few lucky folks during San Diego Comic-Con back in July, they’ve just managed to keep it a closely guarded secret until then. That’s no easy task these days, where everyone has a camera phone on them at all times and things hit the public airwaves at a lightning fast pace.

“The Day of the Doctor” airs on November 23, so we’re just over a month out. In order to keep any one particular geographical region for ruining the fun for everyone else, and spoiling the special, the BBC is going to air it everywhere simultaneously, more or less. It’ll drop on BBC America for those of us who happen to reside in the US of A.

Do you have any particular hopes for “The Day of the Doctor?” Is there anything specific you want to see the special pull out of its hat? Any one Time Lord that you’re just totally jazzed about seeing onscreen again? Let us know in the comments section down below.