Doctor Who Gets Filtered Through Dr. Seuss, And The Results Are Delightful

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

DoctorsWhoDoctor Who is already as much fairy tale as science fiction. A crazy eccentric visitor who lives inside a magic box and invites young people along on amazing adventures — in a world without Who, that could easily describe some lost work by Roald Dahl. But what if the world of The Doctor instead collided with another beloved children’s author — one with whom he shares a fake doctorate. The results might look like the image up top, the brilliant work of a deviantARTist calling himself DrFaustusAU. He’s given a Seussian makeover to tons of science fiction staples such as Star Wars, Alien, and Predator. Great Seuss’ Ghost, just look how cute his Daleks are!


We’ve actually featured DrFaustusAU’s work before, back when he only had a few Seussified Star Wars illustrations under his belt. He’s been productive since then, to say the least. He’s continued imagining what other beloved SF properties might look like if filtered through the mind of one Theodor Geisel, better known to, well, pretty much everybody as Dr. Seuss. Somewhere out there’s an alternate timeline where Jim Carrey got an Oscar nomination for his role as the Head Martian in Tim Burton’s Dr. Seuss’ Mars Attacks!


And never mind what Gareth Edwards and Chris Weitz have dreamed up; this is the Boba Fett/Han Solo spinoff I want to see.


His version of the Predator also looks downright dapper! He’s probably just misunderstood and mischievous like the Cat in the Hat. I mean, he’ll still rip your spine from your body, but he’ll do it while delivering such delightful rhyming verse that you won’t even be mad. Somebody get that fellow a top hat and a monocle.


On the other hand, I think his version of the Terminator is actually more unsettling than the original. I could have nightmares about that thing…


We’ve got a few more of DrFaustusAU’s gems below, and be sure to hit up his deviantART page to see even more. Oh the things you shall see!