Doctor Who Fan-Made Trailer Will Get You Pumped For The 50th Anniversary Special

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

While it’s understandable that the BBC folks would want to keep a lid on the big secrets, there’s been surprisingly little fanfare for Doctor Who’s upcoming 50th anniversary special. So far the biggest moment has been the announcement that David Tennant and Billie Piper will be putting in appearances, but aside from that we haven’t seen much on the official marketing front, leaving most of the online chatter centering around why all the other living Doctors seem to be getting snubbed. I realize the thing doesn’t arrive until November, but how many shows reach their 50th anniversary? It just seems to be like the Beeb should be making a slightly bigger deal of this than they are. It’s not that tricky, all you’d really have to do is put out something epic and awesome to keep all us fans invested and excited during the long wait until November. Something like, for instance, that trailer up top.

That video is hands down one of the most badass bits of Doctor Who celebration I’ve seen in some time, a video that plays up one of the show’s biggest foreshadowed moments (the “question that must never, ever be answered”) while also beautifully honoring all the incarnations of the Doctor who came before. Just one thing: it’s not official and the BBC didn’t make it.

Instead, the video is the work of YouTuber VG934, who may not have the greatest of handles but makes up for it in effective video editing. Honestly, if the Who folks were smart they’d contact VG and start running this puppy every commercial break during this week’s episode. Especially with the finale arriving next week, and bearing the portentous title of “The Name of the Doctor,” this trailer will easily stoke the excitement of any die-hard Whovian. Let’s just hope the finale, and the 50th anniversary special, can live up to the love this video showers on the show.