Doctor Who’s New Doctor May Be Announced Sooner Rather Than Later

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Doctor WhoWell that was much faster than anyone expected. It was barely a week ago that we learned that Matt Smith will not return to the BBC’s long-running sci-fi adventure Doctor Who. Filling a role this big usually takes some time, but we may find out who will play the twelfth Doctor sooner rather than later.

Sources have told Starburst Magazine that an unnamed Sunday newspaper intended to release the name of the next Doctor tomorrow, before the BBC had a chance to announce it. There had been a rumor that in order to prevent being scooped in such a manner, the network would reveal the identity of the next Time Lord tonight. However, the BBC now says no announcement is planned. They don’t say, however, whether that unnamed Sunday paper actually has the goods.

Smith will return for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special later this year, and also pop up in the annual Christmas Special, but that’s it, you’ve already seen the last of him in regular rotation.

There has been much speculation about the identity—as well as the race and gender—of the new Doctor, but according to this report, there are three new names that appear to be at the head of the pack. Then again, this is a rumor, and these fellows may not be in the running at all. But what the hell, we’ll find out the truth soon enough, and a little good natured conjecture never hurt anyone. The three actors mentioned are Domhnall Gleeson (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Dominic Cooper (Captain America), and Daniel Kaluuya (Kick-Ass 2).

That’s an interesting bunch, to be sure, and all of them have a potential upside. Out of this group, the long, gangly Gleeson is probably the closest to the human cartoon that is Matt Smith’s interpretation of the Doctor (and Domhnall certainly gets points for the coolest name), while Cooper could bring a suave air to the part. Kaluuya is the most intriguing name on this list. Much has been made lately of the fact that the Doctor has always been white and a man. This would certainly buck that. But his inclusion shouldn’t be looked at simply as a way for the show to combat an ugly bit of recent notoriety, because Kaluuya is awesome. If you haven’t, check him out in The Fades. He’s great, bumbling and hilarious, but still totally sincere and emotional at the same time.

What do you think? Will Doctor number twelve be one of these three, or someone else? Who would you like to see pilot the TARDIS through space and time?