The Doctor Is In: Cute Little Girl Cosplays All Eleven Doctors

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

EleventhAs the father of a pair of three-year-old boys, I can confirm that one of the great perks of parenting is picking out just the right Halloween costume for the kiddos to go trick or treating in. Some parents opt for the cutest outfits they can come across; others get their giggles by decking the little ones out in a costume that’s a reference the kid won’t understand (see the various Alien chestburster babies over the years). Sadly mine are too big now for me to get away with strapping one of them to my chest so I could hit up a party as Kuato, so I’ll just have to make do with these pictures of an adorable little girl cosplaying all eleven incarnations of the Doctor.


The little cutie is two-year-old Katie, the daughter of filmmaker Todd Kent (Comic Book Literacy). Kent says the costumes weren’t just his idea; apparently Katie insisted on honoring all eleven Doctors since this year marks Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. Whether that’s true or just exaggerated for narrative effect, there’s no doubting the awesomeness of the results.


The only way I would have awarded them more points is if they’d put some makeup on Katie and made the first two Doctor costumes look like she was in black and white.


Todd and Katie’s Hallo-win tradition has been going on since Katie was tiny. In 2011 Katie got dolled up as a member of each of Green Lantern’s color-coded corps, corresponding to the (for the record: red = rage, orange = avarice, yellow = fear, green = willpower, blue = hope, indigo = compassion, violet = love, white = life, and black = death). Last year she dressed up like each of the Avengers.


I hope the father and daughter keep this up for years to come. If I may make a few suggestions for the future: the Justice League, the Firefly crew, and the Babylon 5 cast. (worth it for the Londo hair alone…)


You can see the rest of the daaaawwwww-inducing photos of Katie’s Doctor cosplay over at Daddy Kent’s website.