Dinosaurs Are The Workplace Hazard H.R. Never Warns You About In This Japanese Prank

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

The perils of working in an office are well known to anybody who’s ever manned a cubicle. Paper cuts. Colds and viruses that blow through the office like the Plague. Office gossip and backbiting. But the mandatory morning meetings never once warned you about dinosaurs. Don’t worry, though. If you’ve been the victim of an in-office dinosaur mauling, you’re not alone. Okay, actually you probably are, but I’m betting the guy in the video above feels at least some of your pain.

That poor bastard was the unwitting and unlucky star on a Japanese prank show. And before you laugh at the video and feel above this dude, let’s not be too harsh on the guy. Sure, from the safety of your desk it’s obvious that the charging velociraptor is a puppet being operated by a guy inside a suit. You can see his stocking-clad legs sticking out next to the “dinosaur” legs. But the creature itself is still a pretty good model, and when you factor in the fight-of-flight impulses surging through the victim when that thing first pops its head around the corner, you can forgive him for not noticing what seems apparent from our comfortably removed, dinosaur-free positions.

Aside from being really, really mean, it’s a nice test of those claims that us genre fans are always making about how we’ll be better prepared when the zombies start rising, or the aliens arrive, or we’re suddenly chosen as the Last Starfighter. The ugly truth is that we’d probably respond in the same pants-wetting manner as this poor guy if suddenly faced by real-life versions of the fantastical stuff we love so much in our fiction. Although I will admit: this video would have been awesome if the guy saw the dino, pulled a sword from behind his back, and charged it with a war cry.

Victim #1 wasn’t the only one exposed to this cruel Japanese prankery. You can see a longer version below. You may not remember purchasing a ticket, but welcome to Jurassic Park

As amusing as this all is, I think they need to find a way to step things up. Japan is already the home of Godzilla himself, so let’s figure out a way to have a fake Kaiju tromp through downtown Tokyo. Maybe with holograms? I’m not good at the practical side of things, I’m an idea man.

And speaking of ideas, that velociraptor prank is all well and good, but it’s nowhere near as cruel as this “ghost girl in the elevator” bit from Brazil…