Anne Hathaway Is Taking On Jurassic Park With Her Own Dinosaur Movie

Anne Hathaway's upcoming film is about dinosaurs in the 80s, and while we don't know much beyond that, it already sounds like a winning combination.

By Robert Scucci | Published

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For years, the Jurassic Park franchise has dominated the cinemas with its take on genetically engineered dinosaurs, but many critics agree that the Jurassic World trilogy fell flat despite its resounding box office success. According to The Hot Mic podcast hosted by Jeff Sneider and John Rocha, fans of the giant Mesozoic monsters portrayed in Jurassic Park are about to get a refreshing take on all things prehistoric in a new, untitled Anne Hathaway dinosaur film set in the 1980s. Though this film takes place a few years before the events in the original Jurassic Park film, it has been made clear that this will not be a prequel, and hopefully, it will be better than Adam Driver‘s sci-fi dinosaur romp, 65.

As for the plot of the upcoming Anne Hathaway dinosaur film, not much is known at this point in time aside from being set in the 80s. Shows like Stranger Things and The Goldbergs are set in the 80s, so there’s fertile ground for a film of this scope for a plot line. And it makes sense that we’re seeing this trend; filmmakers who grew up in the 80s finally have the resources today to see their visions come to life.

To further elaborate on this assumption, it’s worth noting that David Robert Mitchell was born in 1974, meaning he mostly grew up in the 1980s. Anne Hathaway is a little younger, having been born in 1982, and her partnership with the horror director for the dinosaur film will probably draw inspiration from both of their childhoods. Mitchell’s career has been on the up and up ever since his horror film, It Follows received critical acclaim after its 2015 release, so we’re beyond thrilled to see what his take on dinosaurs in the 1980s will look like.

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Up to this point, the Get Smart actress has had most of her experience in dramatic roles. One of her more noteworthy accomplishments was taking home an Oscar for her role in Les Miserables, but she’s not without comedy chops, and she’s had experience channeling her inner feline in the form of Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises. Anne Hathaway’s filmography shows us a serious actress at work, and this might be exactly what we need to inject some life into the dinosaur genre that the Jurassic Park franchise has failed to deliver to critics.

One of the biggest criticisms of the Jurassic World films is that the characters are one-dimensional and don’t undergo the necessary development they need to evolve. This shows you that typecasting and relying on star power doesn’t necessarily make a great film if the story itself doesn’t have enough substance. In the case of Anne Hathaway’s upcoming dinosaur film, she has the star power, but she’s also a versatile actress who is exploring unfamiliar territory under the direction of David Robert Mitchell.

On the one hand, you have a critically acclaimed horror director familiar with using dramatic tension to drive a film. On the other hand, you have Anne Hathaway, a decorated actress willing to challenge herself with new roles, including ones with dinosaurs. Though we don’t know much about the upcoming film aside from its setting, we’ll be sure to keep tabs on this project because, if executed correctly, it will surely give the Jurassic Park franchise a run for its money.