Exclusive: Marvel Is Setting Its Heroes Up To Fight Dinosaurs

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

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One of the best things about the world of superhero movies is that nothing is really off the table. We love these worlds and franchises for this very reason. It means they have the room to explore the unexpected for audiences, and that can be a beautiful thing. It can also be a challenge to keep surprising your movie-going audience after a decade of surprising films. What will Marvel do next to keep us surprised, entertained, and enthralled with their universe? Well, thanks to some digging from our trusted and proven source, we’ve exclusively learned a next big step in that direction for Marvel. It involves dinosaurs.

Marvel is developing a movie that will inevitably be compared to Jurassic World. They’re using their own source material from the comics, where they explore a place called The Savage Land. This may sound like an outrageous idea, and one that’s just trying to capitalize on audiences hungry for the Jurassic World franchise, but The Savage Land is actually one of the more popular locations in the comics. It’s fantastical and has a lot of mythology to be explored. It’s been popular with fans. And the room for comedic effect, with Thor hanging out with dinosaurs, seems fairly endless.

This also isn’t the first time an insider has shared that Marvel is talking about plans to bring The Savage Land to the big screen. We Got This Covered heard talk about plans to bring dinosaurs into the official MCU two years ago. At various points over the years, people have wondered if a Ka-Zar movie was coming. It seems inevitable that this is going to happen, and now, our inside source agrees. Dinosaurs are coming to the MCU.

the savage land

So what is The Savage Land? Well, Deadpool summed it up in the comics by saying, “You know this is where super heroes go to get eaten by dinosaurs, right?” Which, is a succint enough explanation, but not entirely detailed. The Savage Land was introduced in Marvel comics in the early 1940s, but then got a fantastic revamp in the 1960s by Stan Lee himself. It’s a tropical hidden land in Antartic full of dinosaurs, exotic plants, and lots of super hero action. Most famously, Kar-Za lives there. You can think of him as a Tarzan type character. Eventually, in the comics, a lot of nasty things happened and The Savage Land was mostly destroyed, but sometimes things still happen there, like S.H.I.E.L.D showing up for mining operations.

The Savage Land is one of the more exciting hidden locations mentioned in Marvel Comics, and it’s a wonder that we have yet to see them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It really goes to show just how much content there is in the decades of Marvel comics for the MCU to mine and turn into something awesome for the screen. Spider-man riding dinosaurs? Thor throwing his hammer around while he shouts at the big beasts?

The Savage Land in Marvel

While the Marvel comics give us a great idea of the source material here, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been its own entity, so really the sky is the limit on what they could possibly do. Will we see Deadpool making dinosaur jokes? (Let’s hope.) How will Hulk look standing next to a T-Rex? What will Dr Strange make of things? Will the X-Men show up? They should; it was in an X-Men comic that Stan Lee revamped The Savage Land. Will this involve Eternals? It’s been said that Eternals will change the cinematic universe moving forward, so it would seem likely that some of them may have something to do with the land of the dinosaurs.

The big question we wish we could find definitive answers to is when, but it seems likely at this point that Marvel isn’t yet sure of the perfect entry point for a movie for The Savage Land, only that they’ll need to make it happen. The possibility of mentioning the location during Phase 4, potentially in Eternals. This could be with just saying the name to plant the seed. The actual movie where we’ll go to The Savage land? Phase 5 feels possible. What we do know is that we’re getting closer to finally seeing this actually happen, and that’s going to be a very exciting release.