Day Of The Doctor Releases New Stills, And A New Minisode Is Coming This Saturday

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

DoctorsThreeIs it November 23 yet? I don’t seem to be watching The Day of the Doctor at the moment, or talking about how I watched The Day of the Doctor earlier, or rewatching The Day of the Doctor on my DVR. So I must reluctantly conclude that no, it is not November 23. Still, the fine folks at the BBC are here to give us poor Doctor Who fans a balm to soothe our impatient, overworked anticipation glands. We may not have gotten to see the upcoming 50th anniversary special just yet, but we can at least enjoy the picture above of the Doctors testing the old adage (that I just made up) about how the sonic screwdriver is mightier than the halberd.


And here’s a lovely one of Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). She’s looking a bit worse for wear. Downright raggedy even, and that’s supposed to be a Matt Smith/Karen Gillan thing. Her serious expression and rather peculiar appearance may be explained by the clues we saw in the recent trailer, which suggest the Rose we will be dealing with in The Day of the Doctor may well be — at least part of the time — the Bad Wolf Rose, from when she looked into the heart of the TARDIS and briefly went all Jean Grey/Phoenix on us. At the time we learned that she had used her brief power-up to scatter the words “Bad Wolf” throughout the timestream as a warning to the Doctor. From the look of things, she may have seen the events of The Day of the Doctor coming as well. Handy thing, omnipotence, even if only in transient form.


And finally there’s Clara, hanging out in the TARDIS with a badass motorbike. I hope the TARDIS can self-clean in case the thing leaves any treadmarks on the floor. Let’s keep it classy, Clara.

If this latest batch of Who tidbits still isn’t enough to hold you over until the 23rd, don’t worry. The rumors that we’d see one or more minisodes leading up to the Day of the Doctor’s premiere have proven true. Radio Times has announced that we’ll get one this coming Saturday, November November 16, entitled “The Night of the Doctor.” That’s a nice little transition between “The Name of the Doctor,” which was the title of the seventh-season finale this past May, and the aforementioned Day. Maybe they’ll stick with this naming scheme for the foreseeable future. I personally look forward to seeing “The Pants of the Doctor,” “The Nail Trimmings of the Doctor,” and “The Arch-Support Shoe Inserts of the Doctor.”

Apparently “The Night of the Doctor” will focus on one of the three incarnations of the character featured in the 50th anniversary special. For those keeping score, that would be David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, and John Hurt’s We’re-Not-Entirely-Sure Doctor.

There is, alas, a catch. “The Night of the Doctor” will premiere on the BBC’s “Red Button” service, which is not available here in the U.S. So us Yanks will have to wait until the minisode is officially released to us at some later date, or, more realistically, scour the interwebs to find bootleg copies late Saturday night. Now both time and geography are conspiring against me! If only I had some sort of device that could travel through both time and space…