Cross The Streams With Spaceballs, Future Folk, And The Day The Earth Stood Still

By Nick Venable | Updated

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drew_the_man_behind_the_poster_h_2013Drew: The Man Behind the Poster (Netflix Instant)
If the name Drew Struzan isn’t immediately recognizable to you, nearly everything he’s done will be, as he is the most prolific and talented modern movie poster artist imaginable. The Star Wars posters? That’s him. The iconic Back to the Future posters? Yep. E.T. and Indiana Jones? You got it. His photo-realistic style is fucking amazing, and it’s depressing that Hollywood has gone the way of cheap Photoshopping to advertise their movies, allowing Struzan and other talents like him to get left on the wayside. The documentary isn’t hard-hitting in the least, but it displays a huge wealth of Struzan’s work both for films and his own projects. Frank Darabont, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and many more appear and fawn over the work for which not enough fawning could possibly exist. Struzan is an icon in an area where you may not have realized an icon could exist.

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