Cross The Streams With Spaceballs, Future Folk, And The Day The Earth Stood Still

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

wk-future1004s-1-1024x682The History of Future Folk (Netflix Instant)
For everyone who has been taken with the folk scene in the recent Coen Brothers’ release Inside Llewyn Davis, it’s time you heard the soothing sounds of the NYC bluegrass band Future Folk, who also happen to be aliens from a planet where music doesn’t exist. This is their origin story. One of the most interesting indie films of the last few years, this comes from a left field that is all on its own. The music, dancing, and fighting among the aliens probably won’t blow your mind, but will pleasantly surprise it. It’s kind of what I wish Flight of the Conchords had turned into. Plus, Dee Snider!

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