Cross The Streams With Spaceballs, Future Folk, And The Day The Earth Stood Still

By Nick Venable | Updated

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humanoids_3_0Humanoids from the Deep and Battle Beyond the Stars (Netflix Instant)
All I need to tell you about these two films is that Roger Corman produced them, and it is definitely apparent that this is the case. Humanoids from the Deep is about sex-crazy monsters that kill people, and Battle Beyond the Stars is about a farmer who has to protect his land from an alien attack. The former is a more interesting watch, but the latter is notable for featuring special effects work from none other than James Cameron, who happened to carve out a small career for himself a few years later with The Terminator.

If you’re wondering why this Cross the Streams is startlingly lacking any films from the schlockmeisters at The Asylum, feel free to go and watch Transmorphers on Hulu. Don’t tell them we sent you, and don’t tell us how it is. We’re going right to ludicrous speed and getting the hell away from that one. See you guys next time!

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