Create Your Own Star Wars Theremin LED Bra. Or Don’t.

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

star wars braSome strange place, the Internet is.

I have to assume there are moments in some people’s lives where they’re getting dressed up in an R2-D2 costume, maybe for a Star Wars-themed event,…the D23 Expo, or even just a little nerdy roleplay in the bedroom. Instead of opting for simple realism by playing an mp3 of R2’s signature bleeps and blips, occasionally you want something with more motion sensors and lights, something more interactive.

Don’t give it a second thought. Instructables user Caitlinsdad has already done it for you, with his DIY “Star Wars Adafruit Flora Theremin LED Bra.” This is one doozy of a clothing article, and while it doesn’t exactly replicate the quippy droid’s signature sound, and isn’t a Theremin in the conventional sense, it’s a stylish choice, and an interesting little device to boot. TYou may want to check the weather before leaving the house with this thing on. You also might want to check your sanity level. I’ve no doubt the abundant absurdity present in the instructions will cause some people to question that of Caitlinsdad. (Caitlin must be so proud.) Admittedly, the process isn’t nearly as enjoyable as the final product.

He lays the entire plan out for you, from the electronic components—including an ultrasonic sensor and a photocell detector—and even made his own bra. (Not Buffalo Bill style, thankfully.) Then he puts all the electronics in and around the undergarment, with slightly more technical detail than how I’m describing it, and the device is complete. It emits a digital sequence that gets louder and changes pitch depending on how close a person gets. This technology won’t stop global warming, but it’s certainly…unique. Get a close-up look at the bra in action below.

He’s also got a tutorial on how to make a TSA style Zombie Scanner Security Wand, which has a greater potential for daily use. If not now, certainly in the future. When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will fly on airplanes. Take a look at that peculiar piece of tech in action.

And finally, for anyone who clicked on this story hoping for a more traditional Theremin (with potential R-ratedness), Instructables user AphexHenry created the breadwinning “Theremin-based Musical Baguette.” I always assumed a flute made out of bacon would be the coolest food-related musical instrument that could ever exist, but I’ve been proven wrong. Play your baguette while wearing the bra and scanning for zombies to reach a true plateau of surreal living.