Comic(s) Relief: Space Horror Comic Void Coming From Sleeper’s Sean Phillips

In space, no one know.

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

voidOne of the best writer/artist comic tag teams in modern times is Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, who have worked together on the stellar multi-installment crime series Sleeper and Criminal, as well as the superbly bizarre ongoing series Fatale. Beyond Brubaker’s masterful storytelling skills, Phillips ruled all three of those series with a constantly changing/adapting art style that switched from noir to Archie Comics‘ style to a slew of other differing looks that fit into the literary aesthetic of what was being told. Now Phillips is taking his skills into the realm of space horror for the upcoming graphic novel Void from Titan Comics, which will be translated to English from French writer Herik Hanna’s script. I couldn’t be more excited to see how uncomfortable this gets.

Void will take place within the walls of the prison spaceship Goliath 01, where all of the crew and inmates have been mutilated by the vicious Coloner Mercer. All except for one man. John is the sole survivor, and he must make his way through the powerless ship to find a way to escape, all without being discovered by Mercer. It’s not clear exactly how hard John would be murdered if he were caught, but we’re thinking “pretty murdered.”

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