Comic(s) Relief: Image Comics Launching Five New Sci-Fi Titles In 2014

Time to update your pull list.

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

BlackScienceWe devote most of our coverage here at GFR on science fiction developments within the sphere of movies and TV — it’s just a numbers game and that’s where the most eyeballs are focused. But there’s another visual medium perfectly suited for blasting sci-fi awesomeness straight into your eyeballs: comic books. It seems like the comics landscape right now is chockablock with excellent science fiction series such as Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga or Rick Remender’s Black Science (pictured above). So we’re launching Comic(s) Relief, a new recurring column where we’ll highlight what’s new in comicbook science fiction, tip you off to some classics you might have missed, and generally have a good time celebrating those things our moms swore we’d grow out of at some point.

For our first time out of the gate, we’re going to highlight several new series in the works from Image Comics. If you’re not much of a comic-book person but are looking for an entry point, I highly recommend checking out Image’s catalog simply because most if not all of their stuff is creator-owned, and as such tends to attract some really excellent storytelling, outside-the-box stuff far and away from the familiar superhero stuff from DC and Marvel. Image is, for instance, the home of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead, the inspiration for AMC’s hit TV series, and which recently released its 119th issue this week.

Image introduced a ton of new series yesterday at the 2014 Image Expo. Let’s take a look at the more science fictional of the crop.

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