Christmas Wish 2014: I Want Mad Max: Fury Road To Be As Nuts As That Trailer

Let it be bonkers.

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

mad max fury roadWe’ve been waiting for Mad Max: Fury Road for what feels like forever. After finally getting rolling, production was delayed multiple times, including for apparent acts of some vengeful god that damn near wiped the original shooting location off the map. Principal photography wrapped up so long ago that I put it on my “Most Anticipated” list for 2013. But then there were reshoots, and when the release date was actually announced we learned that we wouldn’t see Fury Road until May of 2015. We may still have a long time to wait, that’s also a prime spot on the calendar, which indicates that the studio thinks they have something awesome on their hands.

And from what we’ve seen, that certainly looks to be the case. A crazy-ass collection of footage came out of San Diego Comic-Con back in July, which got us drooling all over ourselves, but the latest trailer upped the crazy factor exponentially. So this year, all I want Santa to bring me is a Mad Max: Fury Road that is as bonkers and insane as the most recent trailer. I get that this is a lot to ask, as the trailer is two-and-a-half minutes of absolute, total madness. But a guy can dream, right?

A few lucky bastards have seen a rough cut of the film, and from the descriptions that have trickled out, Fury Road is essentially one long chase scene, which is just fine with me. And that’s definitely what this trailer looks like. It’s like they took your standard Mad Max movie, already one hell of a starting place, and added explosions and even more car crashes to every scene. They reportedly trashed hundreds of cars in the process. You’ve got people swinging back and forth from battlewagon to battlewagon, trucks ramming into one another, and chaos like you couldn’t even previously imagine.

In the earlier films, the outfits and cars all have a cobbled-together appearance, which lends a feeling of reality to a world where everything you wear or drive is pieced together from spare parts you can scrounge or steal. This time around, however, everything has a hyper-stylized look to it. Instead of wearing some shoulder pads you found on the ground, the costume and set creators just went nuts, and every character design is an elaborate, intricate affair. While the first films are more grounded and realistic, this dumps you into the middle of a more alien, over-the-top world.

I have no idea if a feature-length motion picture can maintain the level of chaos, mayhem, and turmoil as a brief trailer, but I really hope it can. And if nothing else, Mad Max: Fury Road looks like it tries.