Check Out This Epic Bounty Hunter-Themed Star Wars Tattoo

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

To be honest, I have more than my fair share of pretty geeky tattoos, including, but not limited to, an Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom tattoo, a shark fighting a narwhal, and a horde of zombies swarming the skyline of Seattle. But I got nothing on this guy. His full-torso Star Wars piece is truly something to behold. Check it out for yourself.

This gentleman was spotted this past weekend at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida, and thanks to the magic of the internet, we can all gawk at his geekdom. That’s dedication, right there. The Mandalorian theme is admittedly pretty cool, and he’s covered in portraits of a who’s who of big-name galactic bounty hunters. Boba Fett is an obvious choice, but he’s also got Zuckuss, Dengar, Bossk, and even the droids 4-LOB and IG-88, among others.

Not only did this unnamed Star Was freak choose to willingly subject himself to countless hours under the needle just to show off his love of Lucas’ franchise, he also walked around all weekend in public without a shirt on. That’s balls and double balls.

You can’t see much of his arms (except for a random Misfits skull), so you have to wonder just how much of this dude’s body is dedicated to Star Wars-based artwork, and if trend continues. Maybe his extremities are devoted to newer members of the bounty hunter fraternity (newer in our sense, not necessarily in the Star Wars universe). Perhaps he has Morigan Corde, Cad Bane, or Cato Parasitti on his forearms or biceps.

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