The Black Hole, WALL-E, And More Disney Hits Become Gorgeous Mondo Posters

By Nick Venable | Updated

the black hole mondoIs there any greater collection of art than everything that Mondo has put out over the years? The Louvre and MOMA, you say? Well, I say, “Oh yeah, I guess these images were so good that I just forgot those places existed.” And since neither MOMA nor the Louvre has ever made me forget that Mondo existed, I’m calling the victory for the most pop culture friendly of the three. For an upcoming show at Austin’s South By Southwest festival called “Nothing’s Impossible,” Mondo artists created a gallery of all Disney films, and not only the ones you might expect.

The spectacular-looking poster for Gary Nelson’s The Black Hole should be a good indicator of that. This movie might as well not exist as far as non-genre fans are concerned, given the lack of widespread love it’s received over the years. Not only was it one of Disney’s darker storylines, but it featured two of the cooler spaceships that Hollywood has given us: the USS Palomino and the Cygnus. And this highly detailed poster should retroactively become the original theatrical poster, so that I could already own it without having to go to this art show, held from March 7-11, since I can’t make it.

The rather large-in-scope image seen below is from the WALL-E universe, as the lovable bot and his robo-soulmate EVE fly around the Axiom luxury ship where all the humans can live in their unearthly filth.

wall-e mondo

Disney isn’t a company known for their big genre efforts, unless that genre happens to be “princesses getting saved” and “weird creatures getting shit done,” and I don’t think those count. You wouldn’t think that a campy deep cut like The Cat from Outer Space would get honored, but the poster below defies that assumption. It’s not so signature a look that it seems entirely necessary, but it’s the second Roddy McDowall flick already, so that’s something. I don’t even know if I’ve ever seen this one in its feline-tirety.

the cat from outer space mondo

Outside of sci-fi, the are posters for Aladdin, The Rescuers, and Winnie the Pooh. You can find the entire collection in this Disney blog. But just check out how incredible the images are below for Fantasia and Alice in Wonderland. They both look as if they were taken straight from the finished product. Maybe it was the Sorcerer that made them look so good.

fantasia mondo

alice mondo