Animated Doctor Who/Back To The Future Mash-up, Blink To The Future

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Doctor Who‘s protagonist has often been accused of being a human cartoon, especially Matt Smith’s as the 11th incarnation. Now a new animated mash-up of the long-running BBC sci-fi adventure and the Back to the Future films, delivers just that: a little bit of cartoon Who. But don’t take my word for it, check out Blink to the Future for yourself.

There are a great number of similarities, or at least parallels, between the two much-loved properties, and Blink to the Future definitely makes use of them. Combining the TARDIS and the DeLorean is a stroke of genius. Both are time machines, so the thematic connection is there, but the interior of the car always appeared rather cramped, so harnessing the bigger-on-the-inside capabilities of the TARDIS is a smart play. Rory makes a great choice for the Marty McFly role, and 9-Stein takes care of K-9, Einstein, and the hoverboard in one clever stroke. And of course the Time Lord himself, the Doctor, makes and excellent version of Doc Brown. He’s a little less frazzled, but it’s still an apt comparison.

They even hit on all three movies from the Back to the Future trilogy. The shit-kickin’ cowboy Daleks may be my favorite part. Be sure to keep your eyes open as you watch, there are tons of little surprises waiting to please attentive, eagle-eyed viewers.

Blink to the Future springs forth from the mind of animator, and Transformers enthusiast, James Farr, who says, “Somewhere in the jaw-dropping vastness of the multi-verse, I like to think that this cartoon plays at 7am every Saturday morning.” So do I, James, so do I.