AMC’s Galyntine Sounds Like A Grittier Version Of Revolution

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

new-amc-logo-something-moreWith the recently ended Breaking Bad, the Emmy Award-winning Mad Men, and, of course, the widely popular The Walking Dead, AMC has made its name as a home for quality television programming. The cable network is a bit light when it comes to science fiction, but that’s going to change in the upcoming years. While the network already had two SF series in development with Line of Sight and Joseph Kosinski’s Ballistic City, AMC recently ordered another series to fill that SF void.

According to Vulture, AMC has ordered a pilot for the sci-fi TV series Galyntine. The show is a post-apocalyptic take on a survival tale in a world without technology. From the official synopsis below, Galyntine sounds like it might be a darker and grittier version of NBC’s Revolution, with a bit of The Walking Dead thrown in for good measure.

Galyntine is a wholly-original vision rooted in a both fantasy/action adventure and science-fiction. Our pilot takes place at a time after a cataclysmic technology-induced disaster has resulted in a new society that has eschewed any form of technology. This catastrophic event leaves small numbers of survivors scattered around the planet and forced to adapt to isolation and unique challenges. Galyntine will explore a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity has evolved — with some strange detours. Galyntine is a man’s journey of discovery through a changed world and its mysterious people.

TV writer/producer Jason Cahill wrote the Galyntine pilot, while The Walking Dead‘s Greg Nicotero will serve as the show’s executive producer. David Zucker and Ridley Scott will also executive produce Galyntine, which is Scott Free’s (Ridley Scott’s production company) first production deal with AMC. Cahill is mostly known for the shows Fringe, Surface, and Profiler.

AMC also ordered a pilot for the TV drama Knifeman, which sounds like the television version of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Now that Breaking Bad is done and Mad Men is about to wrap up in 2015, there’s a good chance that Galyntine or Knifeman might air sooner than later. While AMC has a few shows in development, the cable network is still in desperate need to fill some holes in their programming lineup. The only show that is a visible success is The Walking Dead. TV shows like Hell on Wheels and Low Winter Sun are struggling to find the same kind of success as Breaking Bad and Mad Men, so maybe Galyntine or Knifeman will continue the quality AMC is mostly known for.

As for AMC’s other sci-fi offerings, Joseph Kosinski is developing the TV show Ballistic City with Pacific Rim co-screenwriter Travis Beacham. Ballistic City is set aboard a spaceship on its way to an unknown destination and is described as a mix between Chinatown and Blade Runner, if they were set on the Battlestar Galactica.

The sci-fi series Line of Sight follows Lewis Bernt, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator who survives a plane crash. His investigation into what made the plane crash takes him on a dark and eerie quest to discover the truth.

It’s unclear when Galyntine might air on AMC, but it’s that they might crop up during Fall 2014.