Sarah Michelle Gellar Replaced By Melissa Benoist In Iconic Fantasy Role

Melissa Benoist will voice Teela in the upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revolution, a role Sarah Michelle Gellar previously voiced.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

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In 2021, Kevin Smith brought He-Man fans a brand new take on the ’80s superhero franchise. Fans fell in love with Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation, which featured Sarah Michelle Gellar as the voice of the heroine Teela, and now Melissa Benoist, known for playing Kara Danvers in The CW’s Supergirl, will voice Teela in Masters of the Universe: Revolution, according to Deadline

Mattel, the toy company that owns Barbie, is the powerhouse behind the new He-Man television series, and they’re the ones who made the announcement of Melissa Benoist taking over for Sarah Michelle Gellar. The company described Revolution as being a brand new story that focuses on the iconic He-Man versus Skeletor rivalry in a fresh, never before seen way. The series will see Teela teaming up with the rest of the Masters as they fight to save Eternia from the depths of darkness.

Melissa Benoist, who is friends with Kevin Smith, said she “jumped at the opportunity” to work beside the comedian in the next chapter of Masters of the Universe. The actress, who previously worked with Smith in the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, said that she is excited to play a “bold and fearless heroine.” 

Sarah Michelle Gellar is known for playing bold and fearless heroines (see: seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and she is currently playing a tough arson investigator in the Paramount+ show, Wolf Pack. So, it’s no wonder she was chosen to play Teela in the first chapter of Smith’s Masters of the Universe series. 

Teela was one of the original characters introduced into the series in the ’80s. She is the Captain of the Royal Guard at the palace of Eternos and often fights alongside He-Man.

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Prior to Melissa Benoist and Sarah Michelle Gellar, Teela has also been voiced by Chelsea Field, Linda Gary Howerton, Kimberly Brooks, Cathy Weseluck, Lisa Ann Beley, and Bethany Harbaugh. The character has appeared in the He-Man series, She-Ra series, three He-Man films (The Secret of the Sword, He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special, and Masters of the Universe), many video games, comic books, and the Princess of Power toy collection.

When Sarah Michelle Gellar accepted the job of voicing Teela, she was no stranger to voice work. The 45-year-old actress has voiced many characters over her 42-year career, including starring in several animated features like Happily N’Ever After and appearing on syndicated shows like The Simpsons and Robot Chicken.

On the other hand, Melissa Benoist is fairly new to voice work, having previously only done one voice acting project where she played Overgirl in eight episodes of Freedom Fighters: The Ray. Still, if Kevin Smith is confident in her abilities, then we are, too, and we’re sure that Benoist will slay while voicing Teela. 

Taking over for Sarah Michelle Gellar, Melissa Benoist will join a previously announced cast, which includes Chris Wood as He-Man; Emmy nominee, Star Wars alum, and voice actor extraordinaire Mark Hamill as Skeletor; and Star Trek’s William Shatner who will voice a part that is yet to be announced. 

Masters of the Universe: Revolution will stream on Netflix in 2024.