Kevin Smith’s Next Movie Is Jaws With The Craziest Animal?

Kevin Smith is finally making Moose Jaws with Lionsgate, which is Jaws, but with a Moose.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Based on the success of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot on DVD, Lionsgate furthered its partnership with Kevin Smith, who then made Clerks III based on the funding from the formerly mentioned stoner comedy. Now, Smith revealed during a Q&A at Galaxy Con that he is going to finally make Moose Jaws. When Lionsgate probed about the budget for Moose Jaws, Smith stated, “About three million bucks,’ they’re like, ‘We’ll make four of them’….so it looks like Moose Jaws is finally gonna happen.”

For those wondering what Moose Jaws is, Kevin Smith simply explained it in the above video in the same way he explained it to Lionsgate. He stated, “Moose Jaws is like Jaws but with a Moose instead of a shark.” While we are not sure what that is going to look like, we have full confidence in the man’s ability to deliver a ridiculously funny and bizarre movie in the same light as his more recent releases.

Kevin Smith has certainly gone out of the box in terms of the movies he’s made in the last several years. He made Red State, which was essentially a horror and social commentary movie made about the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, which is the church that constantly protests funerals and other major events. He pivoted again to horror, as he made the wildly experimental Tusk movie as well, which saw a man being turned into a walrus-like creature.

Moose Jaws is said to complete, or at least continue, the True North trilogy. The True North trilogy refers to movies that Kevin Smith has made, which take place in Canada. Tusk and Yoga Hosers both took place there, with Yoga Hosers being about two store clerks that appeared in Tusk. We are not sure if Tusk, Yoga Hosers, and Moose Jaws are going to interconnect again at some point, but it would make sense if they did.

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Both Red State and Tusk are also going to receive sequels, and now Moose Jaws is going to join the lineup of bizarre horror movies that Kevin Smith has been making. Honestly, with Clerks III summing up the story of Dante and Randall, it makes sense that Smith is now going to be aiming to work on movies not set on the aspect of Jay & Silent Bob’s lives. With Lionsgate also seeing its partnership pay dividends with Smith’s movies, it makes sense for them to allow the man to keep making movies under their banner.

Kevin Smith has a legion of fans that flock to theaters to see whatever it is that he is putting out. Well, that’s to say that most of his fans often purchase DVDs or home versions of the movies he makes, but it still helps in allowing him to produce more. Moose Jaws might sound like it won’t make tons of money at the box office, but fans might be aiming to make it a highly successful home purchase.

Kevin Smith has stated that he has five movies in the works, and Moose Jaws is going to be likely the last made of the five. Smith is planning his long-awaited Mallrats sequel, along with a new 4:40 movie, which is said to be a brand-new story told that will not contain any of the characters we have seen previously. Still, whatever he releases should do well, as his fans have been loyal to the man for decades.