Ryan Reynolds To Star In Thundercats?

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has already taken one character and completely vaulted him into the pantheon of comic book personalities. Though Deadpool was always a *known* character, what Reynolds has done with him on-screen has, in many ways, transformed the landscape of comic book films. The devil-may-care attitude towards comedy and violence has been an inspiration for a whole new generation of comic book films. And now he might be set to take on another character in a new franchise that could have major action implications The newest rumor from insider Daniel Richtman is that Reynolds is being considered for the live-action version of Thundercats. 

The Thundercats news is just starting to come in recently with other names like Vin Diesel getting the rumor treatment when it comes to the flick. It’s hard to imagine Ryan Reynolds coming into the movie in any other part except Lion-O, the leader of the group and the wielder of the Sword of Omens that gives him and the group their powers. Considering the film will be a remake of the popular Saturday morning cartoon, having it take on a lighter approach to the proceedings, especially considering the nature of the story and the characters themselves, would make a lot of sense. In this way, Reynolds could fit in perfectly as the star. He’d be quick to remind us that the group can kick ass but they are also, you know, cats. 

This latest Ryan Reynolds rumor comes on the heels of the news from last week that we were actually getting a Thundercats live-action movie in the future. Adam Wingard, coming off a massive box office win for Godzilla vs. Kong is set to direct the film. From recent interviews with the director, it’s clear this film has been a passion project for him since he was a kid and we could get a very cool version for the big screen. If they are adding an A-list cast, and that’s likely to be the case, then we could also be looking at another blockbuster. 

The timeline on a Thundercats movie isn’t known at this point with the word just coming that it was actually going to happen. Whether they are floating names like Ryan Reynolds now to boost excitement or if it’s in the actual casting process isn’t known. Wingard has intimated that he already has a script written so this could be further along in development than we know. But if they added Reynolds it would instantly vault the film into one of the more anticipated flicks to be coming down the pike. 

As for Ryan Reynolds, his dance card is completely full right now so any new project would be at least a few years off. He’s set to reprise his Wade Wilson role in the upcoming Deadpool 3 which will mark the franchise’s move over to the Marvel/ Disney lot. Though much has been made about the tone of this new film, it’s looking like Reynolds has successfully lobbied to have the character remain his vulgar and violent self even within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

And in addition to his comic book turn, Ryan Reynolds is also set to release Free Guy this summer which will have his character, an NPC in a video game, become a central part of the action within that world. It looks like a creative and hilarious flick from Shawn Levy. Plus future projects like The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, The Adam Project, and Clue are just some of the other high-profile and big-budget movies in the works. It’s a busy time for one of the biggest stars we have. But could he add Thundercats to the list? I sure hope so, just the thought of him (maybe sarcastically) yelling “Thunder…Thunder…Thundercats…Ho!!!” has me giddy.