Younger Generations Want Original Movies Over Franchises, Here’s The Proof

By April Ryder | Published

Figuring out what you like to watch is a top priority for today’s movie studios and streaming channels. Do you like watching movie remakes more than original movies, or do those who are primarily television watchers prefer reality TV over shows like The Office and Breaking Bad?

Tubi Annual Report


Free streaming channel Tubi recently partnered up with The Harris Poll for their annual report in search of an answer to the question, and the numbers are anything but surprising.

The Tubi study provides data proving that Millennials and Gen-Z young adults strongly prefer original movies and content over franchise additions and remakes. 

Millennials And Gen Z-ers

The recent report from Tubi was conducted from Dec. 22, 2023, to Jan. 5, 2024, and surveyed 2,503 adults who watched at least one hour of streaming video a week.

The survey found that 74 percent of Millennials and Gen Z-ers are more inclined to choose original movies over a sequel or revamp of an older film. 

It seems viewers are sending a clear message that they’re tired of the same old story with a different colored bow.

Viewers are yearning for something fresh and different or even a replay of old original movies. They just don’t want any more redos and played-out franchise addendums. 

Prefer Original Movies To Franchises

In addition, 71 percent of younger people said that they would rather see content from independent or smaller creators than flicks funded and pressed out quickly by today’s big-name studios. 

Even without the survey in hand, the trends of younger viewers preferring original movies are clearly being expressed in the recent Marvel, Indiana Jones, and Transformers franchise struggles.

While original movies like Barbie, Oppenheimer, and even Super Mario Bros (a fresh play on an established IP) cleaned house at the box office.

Rising Streaming Prices


The Tubi report also explored how the rising price of streaming channels is affecting the viewing patterns of Millennials and Gen Z-ers. The average American is now paying more than $120 a month for streaming services, original movies, and television packages, which is more than the average American budget for gas. 

With prices on the rise, 53 percent of those polled reported that they felt as though they were overspending on streaming. In addition, 71 percent reported that they made the decision to cancel subscriptions due to tiered membership layouts. More than half of viewers said that they prefer to watch streaming with ads rather than pay a higher price for ad-free viewing. 

Binging Older Series

showtime paramount original movies

Not only do Millennials and Gen Z-ers enjoy original movies over remakes, but they also enjoy older series you can binge to newer titles—viewers like to dive into the world of their most beloved characters and stay there for a while.

When Suits was released on Netflix it immediately became one of the most-watched series on the platform. 

Variety Of Content

streamers original movies

Last but not least, the Tubi survey shows that Millennial and Gen-Z viewers prefer variety in their content. A wide array of content with a wide array of diversity is the top priority for young people today.

So if all the streamers out there hope for more profitable days in the future, they might want to take a peek at Tubi’s annual report before making their next move. 

Source: Tubi

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