See Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Get Emotional Over Massive Soccer Win

The Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney owned Wrexham AFC just had a huge win, and the two stars celebrate in this new video.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney

Ever think about what major Hollywood stars do when they aren’t preparing for roles on the big screen? For example, we normally associate Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool and Rob McElhenney with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but both of them are also owners of the Wrexham AFC football team. Fresh from starring in Ant-Man 3, Paul Rudd shot this adorable video showing the two team owners getting emotional over their team beating rival team Boreham Wood.

Of course, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney understand that this isn’t just any victory. This victory meant that Wrexham secured the National League championship for themselves. Perhaps more importantly, they have been automatically promoted to English Football League 2, putting their team back in this competitive league for the first time in 15 years.

Thanks to Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, this Welsh football team has more than a few fans back in the United States. In addition to helping regularly promote the team using their massive social media influence, the two helped create the Welcome to Wrexham documentary series that aired on both Disney+ and Hulu. The series proved very popular, earning a coveted 91 percent from critics on RottenTomatoes and an even more impressive 97 percent from audiences.

Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney

Part of what made the series a success, and a large part of why Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney invested in the team, is that everyone loves to root for an underdog. Wrexham had been steadily falling on hard times since around 2011, and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, they ended up putting various players and staff on furlough. It looked like the team might have been in genuine danger of falling apart if this unexpected duo of actors hadn’t ended up buying the team.

But how did Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who have never starred in anything like a Marvel collaboration, end up working together to save this team? It was McElhenney who came up with the idea while working on his series Mythic Quest, but as he jokingly admitted, he couldn’t buy a team with the income of a television star. He needed those big Hollywood bucks and ended up winning over Ryan Reynolds, who saw this as a savvy investment.

Between Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, it’s the Deadpool star that seems to be more of the entrepreneur. Previously, Reynolds created a mobile company called Mint Mobile that got bought by T-Mobile, and he sold his liquor company, Aviation Gin, to European company Diageo for a cool $610 million back in 2020.

While one partner has more of an entrepreneurial streak than others, it’s clear that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney both saw Wrexham as a long-term investment. And with this recent victory and Wrexham getting re-admitted back to the Football League, it looks like this investment may begin paying off sooner rather than later. That’s particularly good news for Reynolds, who may want some pleasant distractions if Deadpool 3 ends up being the kind of critical and commercial disappointment that the MCU just keeps producing (looking at you, Quantumania).