Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Confirmed By Jerry Bruckheimer

Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is being worked on, and now we will have to wait and see if that plan involves Johnny Depp.

By James Brizuela | Published

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With the drama of the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard somewhat over with, fans begin to wonder if Depp would be returning to his best franchise. Well, that is not confirmed just yet, but the consensus is that it could be happening. However, there is some good news on the Pirates front, as long-time producer Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is moving forward. The even better news is that one of the original writers is returning to write the film, Ted Elliot. Elliot has worked on four different films in the franchise as a writer.

Jerry Bruckheimer expressed his excitement to bring Elliot back into the fold. According to Bruckheimer, “I’m very excited, it’s going to be terrific. We’re just putting this together right now. We’re still working on the screenplay, but it’s very unique and has one of the original writers who wrote the first one, Ted Elliott; he’s writing it. He’s got a great command of the language, and he writes great characters and tells terrific stories.” That is some great news, as we had reported that a couple of spinoffs were happening, essentially restarting the franchise. Margot Robbie is said to lead an all-female Pirates film, and Elliot could be writing the mainline Pirates of the Caribbean 6 sequel. Whether or not Depp returns will likely be revealed later.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 would do well to bring Jack Sparrow back into the fold, as the franchise might not be successful without him. The female reboot thing hasn’t quite worked out in the past, so we will remain cautiously optimistic about the Margot Robbie-led feature. However, she is a spectacular actress, so she might end up taking the franchise to heights it has not yet been. Still, we hope that Bruckheimer has a plan set in place to attempt to lure Depp back to his most iconic role. He had stated he wishes not to return after not being back up by Disney during his lawsuits against Amber Heard. However, we might see a fake out coming and a Jack Sparrow cameo in some fashion.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is another film in the line of franchise reboots, remakes, or sequels that are now becoming far more popular. Sure, reboots and remakes have been around for years now, but now there seems to be a good recipe for how to reboot a series the correct way. The massive success of Top Gun: Maverick and Prey have proven that. Bruckheimer produced Top Gun: Maverick, so he likely sees the potential for bringing back the Pirates franchise.

We hope that Johnny Depp can come back in some manner for Pirates of the Caribbean 6. A small cameo would suffice, though if he appears in the film to any degree, fans are going to be clamoring for much more. We had also reported that Bill Nighy was in talks to reprise his role as Davy Jones, though that report has not been confirmed just yet. Also, we are not sure if those talks were for the Robbie-led spinoff, or for this main sequel film. Either way, we hope he returns as well. We are not sure what the plan is for Jerry Bruckheimer and Ted Elliot, but at least we can all be happy to take in the pirate’s life once again.