Pedro Pascal Getting A Big Mandalorian Payday

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

pedro pascal star wars mandalorian

Pedro Pascal might not be the face you think of when you picture the bounty hunter the Mandalorian. That’s because for so much of the show he’s hidden behind the metallic beskar mask that’s become synonymous with the character and the show as a whole. But just because we can’t see him all that often doesn’t mean this guy hasn’t brought it all to the screen. If anything, it’s a more impressive feat that he’s able to convey so much emotion even while hidden. And because of these talents, and the show’s popularity, Pedro Pascal is heading for a big payday. 

According to insider Daniel Richtman, Pedro Pascal is going to get a significant bump in pay for the third season of The Mandalorian. The exact number hasn’t been reported. But considering the show’s popularity on Disney+ and the commitment to the Star Wars universe as a whole on the platform, we can assume he’s going to be the top earner among the franchise’s talent at least for the near future. 

And though the exact number isn’t there, we can maybe make some assumptions about where the number will land. After her firing, it was reported Gina Carano made somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000-$50,000 per episode when she appeared. If  Pedro Pascal was at the high end of that number as the star, that would have put him somewhere in the range of $400K-$500K per season through the first two. I think it’s safe to say the new number will be significantly higher than that and will land him easily in the seven-figure range. 

pedro pascal mandalorian feature

Of course, this follows an incredibly popular second season for The Mandalorian. Besides just capturing a certain part of the zeitgeist with its popular character and maybe even more popular Baby Yoda story, the show was the first Disney+ program to crack Nielsen’s Top-10 streaming list. It did it during the much-ballyhooed Season 2 finale that saw the return of a Star Wars legend. Pedro Pascal did the heavy lifting of course, but the story really touched a large swath of viewers. 

With the popularity has come a whole new push for more Star Wars programming on the streaming platform that overlaps The Mandalorian timeline and even stems from the show. It is a near certainty that Pedro Pascal will have a big part in these other shows which has to have been part of this new contract as well. There will be The Book of Boba Fett coming out at the end of the year. But there’s also Ahsoka which will spin-off the popular Jedi and Rangers of the New Republic as well. 

So Pedro Pascal getting a big payday isn’t even a little bit of a surprise. If anything, it might be a season behind considering what he’s done while playing this character. He’s brought such incredible life to something that could have been borderline robotic and stale. He’s at the forefront of this new Star Wars push and deserves to be compensated with the continued popularity of the franchise.