With Gina Carano Gone, These Other Characters Will Lead the Mandalorian-Verse

By Ross Bonaime | 3 months ago

the mandalorian baby yoda

It’s only been a week since Gina Carano was fired from The Mandalorian and all future Star Wars projects, but that has left many to wonder what does that mean for the rest of The Mandalorian universe. Disney has already said that they have no plans to recast Carano’s character of Cara Dune, but considering there were rumors that Carano could be the connective tissue to The Mandalorian’s various spinoffs, it’s unclear who will take her place. Now, a new rumor makes a suggestion as to which characters will be leading the Mandalorian universe going forward.

This rumor comes from Daniel Richtman, who posted this piece of gossip on his Patreon page. Richtman says that the leads of The Mandalorian going forward are the Mandalorian Din Djarin, Baby Yoda – aka Grogu – and Ahsoka Tano. Richtman also states that yes, Baby Yoda will be returning after the events of The Mandalorian’s second season finale. 

This rumor seems pretty obvious, with or without the loss of Gina Carano. Cara Dune was never exactly an integral part of The Mandalorian, and Lucasfilm’s decision to just get rid of the character proves that. Of course, The Mandalorian is going to lead this series, considering he’s the namesake of the first Star Wars show on Disney+. Plus, naturally, Disney is going to have Baby Yoda return, since the popularity of Grogu is gargantuan, maybe the biggest thing in the Star Wars universe in years. Getting rid of Baby Yoda would mean getting rid of marketing opportunities, and surely Disney isn’t going to do that.

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Making Ahsoka Tano a larger focus on The Mandalorian also makes a ton of sense, considering she already has a rich history in Star Wars lore, already made her debut on The Mandalorian, and has her own spinoff series, Ahsoka, coming in the near future. Even if Gina Carano would have stayed within The Mandalorian universe, it would have made more sense for Lucasfilm to focus on Ahsoka anyways, considering she actually is a notable and beloved character in this world.

But the bigger question is what exactly were Disney’s plans with Cara Dune? There were rumors that Disney planned on announcing a spinoff series that would star Gina Carano, but decided against it after Carano’s controversial social media posts. There were also rumors that this spinoff might have been Rangers of the New Republic, which was already shrouded in mystery. If Carano was supposed to lead that series, is the show now canceled, or is a different character going to lead this other spinoff?

Yet what this rumor shows – whether it is true or not – is how Gina Carano wasn’t all that essential in The Mandalorian to begin with. Cara Dune was little more than a sidekick to The Mandalorian, and there are far more characters in The Mandalorian universe with rich histories that probably deserve the spotlight. Whether or not Ahsoka Tano takes a more central role in The Mandalorian going forward or not, Cara Dune doesn’t exactly leave a major gap in The Mandalorian universe that needs to be filled.