The True Crime Mystery Series Netflix Revived Still Creeps Us Out

By TeeJay Small | Published

When Unsolved Mysteries released in 1987, the series aired on NBC and was hosted by Robert Stack. The series documents cold cases which, as the title suggests, have never been solved, often with a paranormal twist. The show has concluded and been revived numerous times, the most recent of which came in 2020, when Netflix picked up Unsolved Mysteries for 12 new episodes before continually renewing the ongoing fan-favorite program.

The Real-Life X-Files

Unsolved Mysteries can be credited with sparking the modern-day obsession with true crime, leading to hundreds of popular podcasts on the subject. The series has been likened to a real-life version of The X-Files, highlighting the possibility of ghosts, ghouls, and little green men through the lens of criminal cases, without ever truly providing definitive answers to audiences. Throughout the show’s spotted 4-decade run, Unsolved Mysteries has aired on NBC, CBS, Lifetime, Spike, and now Netflix.

No Host

The show has seen several hosts, the most notable of which have been the late Robert Stack and Dennis Farina. The latest iteration of Unsolved Mysteries has no central host. Still, it pays homage to Stack by flashing a brief image of the iconic series lead during the Netflix opening credits. Despite the lack of a host, the Netflix addition has revitalized the series, once again sending droves of viewers to deliver their own tales of true crime with a paranormal twist.

Plenty Of Cold Cases To Get To

Like other versions of the show, Unsolved Mysteries encourages viewers to call or reach out online to offer their cold cases for examination. The official subreddit for the series touts over 477,000 Reddit users, many of whom frequently post their suggestions and discussion topics based on popular cold cases and conspiracy theories. According to Netflix, over 5,000 fans reached out to the streamer with their unsolved cases shortly after the first volume was released on the streaming library, prompting the streamer to continue renewing the program for years to come.

More Episodes Coming Soon

Netflix acquired the rights to Unsolved Mysteries in 2019 before airing a two-part season in 2020. In the following years, the series has only continued to grow in popularity, prompting the streamer to green-light additional volumes, with a fourth installment currently on pace to release later this year. While some fans take issue with the lack of a charismatic host tying the whole show together, the series has received positive reviews and serves as a nostalgia-fueled deep dive into the origins of the true crime genre.

Made Possible Thanks To Stranger Things Producer

The Netflix iteration of Unsolved Mysteries was refreshed and developed for the streamer by Shawn Levy, who is best known for serving as an executive producer on Stranger Things. This truly serves as an example of art going full circle, as paranormal exploration media of the 1980s largely influenced Stranger Things.

For fans of the original version, or those simply interested in checking out the latest episodes of Unsolved Mysteries, all three volumes of the new iteration are currently available to stream on Netflix. A fourth volume has been confirmed to be released in late 2024, though no release date has been announced.