Marc Summers Slams Quiet On Set Producers For Alleged Ambush Over Nickelodeon Controversies

By Robert Scucci | Published

Former Double Dare host Marc Summers isn’t happy about how Quiet on Set producers included him in the tell-all documentary about Nickelodeon’s alleged toxic work environment. Summers felt like he was ambushed because he didn’t know what he was getting into before going in for his interview that kicked off the docuseries. Thinking that he was going in to talk about the positive experience he had during his tenure with Nickelodeon, Summers was surprised to find out that Quiet on Set was aiming to expose the problematic behavior of both Brian Peck and Dan Schneider and walked off the set.

Marc Summers Claims He Was Ambushed

Marc Summers hosted the slime-squirting and pie-throwing game show Double Dare from 1986 to 1993, and his tenure with the network predates both Peck’s and Schneider’s employment with Nickelodeon Studios. Airing his frustrations on the matter, Summers spoke his mind on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. During this interview, he claimed that he didn’t know the true nature of the documentary and put a stop to the interview the second he realized that he was being misled.

Frustrated With Investigation Discovery

The reason Marc Summers is so upset about the documentary is twofold. Not only is he frustrated over the fact that he was allegedly brought in under false pretenses, but he claims that Investigation Discovery – the network that aired Quiet on Set – used his interview footage against his wishes. Originally under the impression that his testimonial would be struck from the record, Summers was surprised to receive a phone call four weeks later informing him that the footage was still going to be used in the docuseries.

Enjoyed His Time At Nickelodeon

Marc Summers went on to say that he’s exploring what options he has in order to take action against Investigation Discovery for using his likeness so deceptively. Claiming that he had “no idea about any of those things” in reference to the toxic work allegations Quiet on Set aims to expose, Summers takes issue with the fact that his positive statements about Nickelodeon are being used for a series that tells a much more sinister story about his former employer. What originally started out as an interview to point out his positive experience with Nickelodeon turned into an ambush that he didn’t want to participate in.

Never Crossed Paths With Schneider

Quiet on Set producers Mary Robertson and Emma Schwartz have since responded to Marc Summers’ claims, asserting that everybody involved was informed of the project’s intentions ahead of being signed on to the series. Summers, however, claims to have been subjected to a bait and switch, which caught him off guard and left a bad taste in his mouth. What’s more, Marc Summers never met Dan Schneider because he left Nickelodeon to pursue other opportunities before Schneider joined the network in 1994.

Docuseries Sending Shockwaves Through Hollywood

Quiet on Set has been making waves since its premiere on March 17, 2024. The docuseries, which points out a litany of problematic behavior and sexual misconduct at the hands of Dan Schneider and Brian Peck that went on behind the scenes after Marc Summers finished his run with Nickelodeon, has sparked a nationwide discussion on the treatment of child actors from the late ’90s to the early 2010s.