Netflix Violent Thriller True Story Is Pure Adrenaline Rush

By Robert Scucci | Published

Survival films like Castaway and The Revenant need to make way for last year’s Society of the Snow, which is currently making rounds during this year’s awards season.

Based on the 1972 Andes flight disaster, this Netflix film will punch you in the gut and not let up until you’re weeping into your popcorn because there are too many emotions to even consider unpacking upon its conclusion.

Through the tremendous hardships that are portrayed throughout Society of the Snow, you’ll find yourself awestruck by the indomitable human spirit that is so expertly captured on-screen.

Society Of The Snow On Netflix

society of the snow

Society of the Snow’s story is primarily set in the Andes mountains after a plane carrying 45 passengers crash-lands, ripping the fuselage apart. In one of the most violent depictions of a plane crash in recent cinematic history, those who lived through the initial impact often wished that they had been spared from the suffering of surviving.

A True Survival Tale

Over the course of 72 days, the remaining survivors were put to the ultimate test as they braved sub-zero temperatures with whatever clothes they had on their backs, while tending to the wide array of injuries they sustained.

After eight days of waiting for a rescue plane, a battered radio leftover from the crash broadcasts that search parties have been called off, leaving the traumatized and gravely injured survivors to their own devices and basic survival instincts. Many of the passengers never experienced snowfall, let alone being stranded in the frozen mountains.

A Terrible And Desperate Time

During the months leading to an eventual rescue, Society of the Snow compassionately points to the desperation that the survivors faced during this unthinkable time.

Enduring multiple avalanches that buried their shelter and meager food supply, they had to resort to cannibalism and had no choice but to rely on their friends’ corpses as a means to fight off starvation. It’s worth noting, however, that although such drastic measures had to be taken, their reluctance to commodify human life as a source of sustenance was one of many moral dilemmas they had to make peace with.

A Climb Through The Mountains

society of the snow

Arriving at the conclusion that nobody will ever find them while they’re still alive, Society of the Snow’s narrative shifts to Nando and Robert, who embark on a 10-day climb through the mountains after spending two months subjected to unimaginable living conditions with 14 other survivors.

With each passing scene that Society of the Snow delivers, the only thought that consumes your mind is “how can things get any worse?” The unforgiving mountains always find a way to deliver on this front up until the film’s conclusion.

Compelling Storytelling

society of the snow

Though Society of the Snow is a Spanish-language film, its storytelling is so compelling that you won’t mind the subtitles.

In fact, the subject matter is so heavy that you’ll actually appreciate the storytelling on a whole other level because this layer of abstraction in the form of a language barrier will help keep you anchored.

Society of the Snow’s unrelenting storytelling won over audiences upon its limited theatrical release. Universally praised for its tense delivery of despair and insurmountable struggle, this survival movie garnered a 91 percent critical score against an 86 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Stream Society Of The Snow On Netflix

society of the snow

What’s more, Society of the Snow is landing nominations and wins across the entire awards circuit for its harrowing depiction of a group of people fighting for their lives under the worst possible circumstances one could imagine.

You’re not going to form an emotional connection with a volleyball named Wilson when you watch Society of the Snow, but this movie is a must-see if you are looking for a gripping and emotionally jarring survival film. If you have the stomach for it, it comes with strong recommendations that you watch Society of the Snow on Netflix today.