The Best Russell Crowe Movies Streaming On Netflix

By Steven Nelson | Published

We can’t always find our favorite actors and actresses on Netflix, but with Russell Crowe, there is plenty on the streaming platform. Some of the actor’s best movies are right there to dive into as we speak.

Let’s take a look at the best Russell Crowe movies streaming on Netflix.


Gladiator, now streaming on Netflix, stands as a cinematic masterpiece, showcasing Russell Crowe’s stellar performance as Maximus Decimus Meridius. This epic historical drama plunges viewers into the brutal world of ancient Rome, where honor, vengeance, and power collide.

Maximus, once a revered Roman General, finds his life shattered when he’s betrayed and his family is murdered. Thrust into slavery, he rises as a gladiator, with his heart set on revenge against the corrupt Emperor who wronged him. Crowe’s portrayal of Maximus is both fierce and poignant, capturing the essence of a man torn between his duty and his desire for justice.

The film’s breathtaking action, coupled with its emotional depth, makes Gladiator a timeless classic. Its grandeur, matched with Crowe’s commanding presence, ensures that this tale of courage, betrayal, and redemption continues to captivate audiences, solidifying its place as one of the greatest films of its genre.

Cinderella Man

Streaming now on Netflix, Cinderella Man takes you back to the Great Depression, with Russell Crowe delivering a knockout performance as James J. Braddock, a once-great boxer making an unexpected comeback. This isn’t just a sports film; it’s a tale of resilience and hope in the face of adversity.

The movie, deftly directed by Ron Howard, balances the brutality of boxing with the tenderness of Braddock’s family life. Renée Zellweger shines as his steadfast wife, adding emotional heft to the narrative.

In just three tight-knit acts, Cinderella Man packs a powerful punch. It’s a masterclass in storytelling that celebrates the indomitable human spirit.

A Beautiful Mind

Stream A Beautiful Mind on Netflix for a glimpse into the remarkable life of John Nash, masterfully brought to life by Russell Crowe. This Oscar-winning film explores Nash’s harrowing journey with schizophrenia, highlighting Crowe’s exceptional versatility as an actor.

Navigating between genius insights and delusional episodes, the story intertwines Nash’s groundbreaking contributions in mathematics, his challenging personal life, and the tenacious grip of his mental condition.

The film beautifully portrays the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love, with Jennifer Connelly delivering a powerful performance as Nash’s unwavering wife, Alicia.

A Beautiful Mind transcends the traditional biopic genre, offering a profound exploration of humanity, mental health, and the thin line separating brilliance from madness.

The Pope’s Exorcist

russell crowe

Ready for a chilling dive into the world of exorcisms? The Pope’s Exorcist on Netflix might just be your ticket. This film, starring Russell Crowe, delves into the dark and mysterious world of demonic possessions and the church’s battle against them.

Crowe portrays Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s chief exorcist, a role he sinks his teeth into with a captivating intensity. The film navigates through some hair-raising exorcism scenes, balancing them with moments that explore the character’s internal struggles and faith.

In just about 90 minutes, The Pope’s Exorcist offers a mix of horror and drama, with Crowe’s performance standing as a solid pillar. While it may not reinvent the genre, it’s a gripping watch for those fascinated by the battle between good and evil.

The Nice Guys

nice guys 2 ryan gosling russell crowe

Looking for a rollicking good time with a side of 70s nostalgia? The Nice Guys on Netflix might just be the perfect pick. Russell Crowe teams up with Ryan Gosling in this crime-comedy that’s as much about the laughs as it is about the mystery.

Set in the 1970s, the film follows the unlikely duo of a tough enforcer (Crowe) and a bumbling private eye (Gosling) as they stumble through the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles to solve a missing person case. What ensues is a series of misadventures and mishaps that are as much about their clashing personalities as they are about the crime.

With sharp writing, a retro vibe, and the undeniable chemistry between Crowe and Gosling, The Nice Guys offers a delightful throwback to the buddy comedies of yore. It’s fast-paced, witty, and peppered with enough twists to keep you glued. Perfect for a laid-back movie night!

State of Play

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State of Play, streaming on Netflix, is a political thriller that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Russell Crowe shines in this complex, layered narrative that weaves together politics, journalism, and a web of intrigue.

Crowe plays Cal McAffrey, a seasoned journalist who uncovers a conspiracy that reaches the highest echelons of power while investigating the mysterious death of a congressman’s mistress. With twists and turns at every corner, the film challenges viewers to unravel the truth alongside McAffrey.

Backed by a stellar cast including Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams, State of Play offers a gripping storyline and tense atmosphere, making it a must-watch for fans of political dramas and conspiracy thrillers. It’s a thought-provoking ride that questions the interplay between media, politics, and truth.