Netflix Original Programs Are Taking Over The Streaming Service

Netflix may have dropped subscribers lately, but the streaming platform is rebounding in big ways. The original content on the platform is now taking over.

By Douglas Helm | Published

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If it feels like you’re seeing more Netflix Original pop up in your recommendations than ever, you’re not alone. The streaming platform started making a hard push to have more original content years ago and that effort is paying off. Now, Netflix has just as many Netflix Originals as licensed content. That’s pretty mind-boggling when you consider that there are over 6,200 titles on the platform. According to What’s On Netflix, original titles now make up 50.017% of the US Netflix library.

The report further explains that Netflix is increasing that percentage steadily by about 0.88% per month. In other words, if the company kept that pressure on, the platform could easily hit 100% original content by May 2027. Of course, it doesn’t seem likely that this is the path Netflix will go, as licensed content has its merits and likely brings in plenty of subscribers. Still, it won’t be surprising when Netflix has more original content than licensed content in the future. The company also tends to do some clean-up every now and then, so certain shows and movies don’t always stay on the platform forever.

One important thing to note about the report is that this figure only applies to Netflix’s US library. International Netflix libraries have different access to licensed properties, so this certainly skews the numbers. For instance, UK Netflix has closer to 41% of original content, while Canada is closer to the half and half percent of the US library. Regardless, this is definitely an impressive achievement for the Netflix brand as a whole.

It seems likely that Netflix will continue with its push for more original content, as quite of few of its properties have become massive hits, driving more people to the platform than ever. This is good news because the platform had a pretty rough start to 2022. The streaming industry was shocked to see that the once great streamer had dropped a whopping 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of the year. Fortunately for the streaming giant, they dropped the next season of Stranger Things, which renewed interest and prevented the subscriber count from dropping to even more drastic levels. Stranger Things is undoubtedly one of Netflix’s most popular original properties and the fact that it helped stopped the bleeding will likely incentivize Netflix to continue attempts to recapture that success.

Of course, Netflix will have to tread lightly, as some of its announced decisions have led to some controversy. Namely, the fact that the streaming platform is in the process of adding a subscription tier that supports ads. Netflix has gone without ads for a long time, so introducing invasive advertisements to the platform is something that subscribers aren’t looking forward to. While there will be higher tiers that allow you to enjoy your content ad-free, it’s still something that most people would prefer to avoid altogether. It remains to be seen how the new tier will affect subscribers. In any case, the company’s original content train will likely continue to roll on, regardless of what happens elsewhere in the company.